FullCycle Energy Fund set to Make Great Milestone as Sam Tabar Takes Over as Chief Operating Officer

On Dec 15, 2015, PR Newswire reported that Sam Tabar had been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. The Fund’s aim is to champion and promote the movement of consumers from high-cost fuels that also contribute to environmental pollution to low cost ones that are also environmentally friendly.

Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the fund. It is important to point out that Sam is well educated holding a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Law (LLM) Degree from Oxford and Columbia Universities respectively. Actually, he obtained honors at the undergraduate level, which sets him apart from the ordinary grandaunts.

In addition to his excellent academic background, Sam is also well experienced with a very successful career as a capital strategist. After completing his Masters Degree, he was associate at Skadden LLP. While working here, he was very successful in counseling various clients on the structure of hedge fund as well as its formation. Similarly, he advised on investment management agreements, side letters, private placement memoranda, employment and regulatory compliance issues.

Sam was later to join SPARX group in 2004 where he was promoted to the position of a Managing Director and head of business development. His speedy rise through the ranks was not by mistake or favor but entirely on merit as he performed better than anybody else in whatever position he found himself.

Later, Sam moved to the Bank of America Merill Lynch where he held the position of Director. At the same time, he served as the head of capital strategy for the entire region of Asia Pacific. Afterward, he decided to return to the legal profession in 2013 and worked for Schulte Roth &Zabel LLP holding the position of a senior associate in charge of hedge funds.

However, from the brief attempt above, it is clear that Sam is an excellent performer who has held very senior positions and done exceptionally well. His good performance, experience and an excellent academic background make one confidently say that the fund, for which he is currently working can be expected to make a lot of progress.    By offering investment and financial advice.

Brad Reifler Talks to the Middle Class

Imagine the horror of a hostage situation on a financial advice television show. The absurdity of the situation may permeate the events, but this does not make them any less terrifying. Not very many people are going to find themselves in the horrible situation of a hostage crisis. Millions of people around the world, however, have seen things play out in the Hollywood movie “Money Monster”. Audiences likely took the film’s themes as warnings. Financial advisors who are greedy do make enemies. In a microcosmic way, middle class investors who look beyond the narrative of the film and be more careful about mundane investment scenarios.

This is where the charming advice of Brad Reifler may prove exceptionally beneficial. Reifler, as some may already know, is the successful CEO of Forefront Capital. Reifler has decades of experience in the financial industry and he has helped many accredited – a.k.a. wealthy – investors put their money into high risk/potential high profit endeavors. Today, Brad Reifler has shifted his focus somewhat. He puts a great deal of effort and emphasis on helping the non-accredit investor. A non-accredited investor is defined by his or her net worth and is barred, by law, from being sold on certain costly and risky investments. There are pros and cons here. Those of meager means should not be putting $15,000 into a high risk private equity fund.

Reifler draws on his many decades of experience to point out concerns middle class investors should have prior to putting money into any vehicle. He suggests investors beware of fees, look at the totality of the wide spectrum of investments available to them, and to be leery of the risks associated with too much emphasis on the stock market.

Prior to running Forefront Capital, he oversaw Pali Capital and the Reifler Trading Company. His advice is worth listening to.  Be sure to check out his official website for more.