The Humanitarian Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an investor and a businessman heavily involved in various pursuits of promoting the welfare of other people all around the globe. Ara graduated with a bachelor’s degree In Marketing and has participated in cofounding of many different companies since then which has achieved him great success in the world of business. Ara is known for participation in different social factors like massive experience in the field of healthcare, business indulgence, community welfare pursuits and also environmental sustainability pursuits with him based in San Francisco. With so much experience in health industry he has participated in founding startups like pipeline RX and BMC diagnostics.

With interest in heath, Ara has written different articles emphasizing on the health status of people. In one he wrote concerning the problem of mental health problem with the startups, he emphasized that most of the employees of these startups are usually reading on the social media platform on the potential dangers that come with being overworked but this is usually ignored by their employers. Most of them being after making the companies big and not understanding the pressure they put their employees on. With Forums regarding the topic stating that companies are never concerned about their employees it was found that these companies do have a high turnover due to the fact that the employees cannot afford to be forced to work so hard. Ara states that the companies will have to alter the structure of how they work. The organizations CEOs will have to find ways of giving their employees considerations, more bargains and some commercial breaks from work for proper achievements.

Ara continues laying an emphasis on the mental health of the STEM fields because if the high stress levels are not taken care of the problem will later affect the organization which might cause loss. It is indeed a good example of fighting for the welfare of the employees that Ara indulges.


Article Title: Things you need to know about Igor Cornelsen

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Igor Cornelsen has continued to improve the lives of many people through the various investments he has launched. As an economist, he has always striven to help people learn tactics that can help them build their careers and also enhance their knowledge in everything that they do. Throughout his life, Igor Cornelsen has worked hard to ensure that he always leads and emerges at the top. During his days at school, the duo always emerged at the top of his class. Many students admired his traits, and as a result, he always strived to help them solve the various issues that they went through at school to prosper in their studies.

After completing his studies, Igor Cornelsen acquired a job from a local bank in the country through which he shared the wide knowledge he acquired from the school with his other colleagues. He contributed to the rise of the company through the impeccable customer services he showcased. The ethical behavior that he showcased at the workplace was impressionable, and it encouraged the executives of the company to treat their clients well. Igor Cornelsen later acquired a job opportunity at the famous Multibanco firm. Being one of the biggest banking institutions in the country, the duo continued to perfect his skills in the field, and he is today among the most respected individuals of all time.

Igor Cornelsen has showcased a great attitude towards his work and people have striven to follow his exemplary behavior. As a financial advisor, he has also saved many businesses from the many issues that they face. He mentors a vast number of people and encourages firm owners to keep working harder despite the various difficult issues that they face. He continues to be a role model to many people, and he always strives to educate people on the best ways to make it in life and live happily. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

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Why Jacob Gottlieb is Considered Successful

Jacob Gottlieb is an entrepreneur who is responsible for creating several businesses throughout his career. Gottlieb created Altium Capital in June of 2018. Altium Capital is an investment fund who focuses on growing companies that works in the healthcare industry. Altium Capital works out of New York City to find the growing companies who are making advances in medical treatments. Gottlieb was able to use Altium Capital to make its’ first investment in Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP). Oramed was appealing to Altium Capital because Oramed was working on an alternative treatment for diabetes that could be taken orally. Before there was an Altium Capital, the year was 2005 when Gottlieb created a hedge fund called Visium Asset Management. The hedge fund would grow to $8 billion.

Gottlieb earned a degree in Economics from Brown University and he studied medicine at New York University Medical School. There are other credentials held by Gottlieb such as becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in 2001. His expertise has led him Altium Capital to make a 9.81 percent investment stake in a company called Sellas Life Sciences. Sellas Life Sciences are making advances in cancer immunotherapy that will help find cancer. It got the attention of many investors with the use of drugs that help fight triple negative breast cancer. The triple negative breast cancer is considered to be very aggressive and can spread rapidly. Altium Capital also made an investment in companies such as Amarin and Orgenics, Ltd.

Gottlieb is an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist. As a philanthropist, Gottlieb focus on the education of the youth. He has been responsible for raising millions of dollars for philanthropic projects that involved the East Harlem Tutorial Program, New Yorkers for Children, and several other organizations. Gottlieb also contributed time to help non-profit organizations.

Nexbank is leading the Way in Financial Services Provision.

NexBank is an institution established in Dallas Texas United States of America. The bank specializes in the provision of financial services to a large group of businesspeople and institution. The bank’s unique financial products’ offering has enabled it to earn reputation in Dallas region. The bank was formally established in 1922 and has grown with time to become one of the best financial institutions in the United States.

NexBank invests considerably in its human resources department to ensure it recruits highly qualified personnel in its several departments. The financial institution prides itself to have a combination of talented individuals dedicated to serving clients most appropriately. The professionals in the bank have solid knowledge in their areas of expertise and provide financial solutions to institutional clients and individuals in vast regions of interest. The financial solutions provided originate from the research work and industry expertise.

NexBank areas of operation and specialization

NexBank provides financial services and investment advice on a wide range of subjects. The three major areas of specialization include commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The bank’s commercial banking sector specializes in the provision of financial assistance to institutions as well as a partnership to help commercial enterprises achieve growth and diversification. NexBank also provides investment advice and facilitates real estate financing to institutions in a significant way.

Several institutions recognize the bank in the provision of affordable and well-structured loans to commercial enterprises. NexBank also works with real estate developers and agents in the provision of funds for construction and development of real estate projects. The NexBank professional also work in collaboration with professionals from other financial institutions to accelerate growth and increase the market presence of those institutions. NexBank is a trusted partner in correspondent banking that helps institutions improve their financial positions.

Mortgage Banking

The expertise in the real estate sector has enabled the bank to offer solutions and advice in the acquisition of mortgages and financing options.

The bank’s commitment to providing financial assistance to institutions and individuals has enabled it to receive recognition in the country. The bank acquired the Financial Capability Innovation Award in 2018 for its efforts to unlock the financial ability of Americans through their unique digital learning platforms.

NexBank Capital finalized the placement of its $54 million subordinated notes to the investors. The bank announced that the successful deployment of these notes had enabled it to acquire $283 million. The notes will not be redeemed until their maturity date and possess a fixed rate of 6.375 percent for the next five years. The notes also have a rating of BBB and meet the qualities of a Tier 2 capital as required by the capital regulations. To know more about Nexbank visit

Heather Parry- The Renowned, Successful Television and Film Lady Producer

Heather Parry is a successful lady in the film and television production world, born in Macungie Pennsylvania United States. She attended the Emmaus high school St Gregory Ulisiack. She was named the president of Live Nations Production in 2015. Parry wants an energetic person with a brilliant and creative mind, traits that saw Live Nation Production scaling heights under her Leadership. She knew an opportunity at first sight and would go for it with no fear and with this the Live Nation bounds were expounded and especially through her creativity and enthusiasm . Being a former employee at MTV, Perry had a wide network and power base through the numerous knowledge of people in the industry, a trait that she used to elevate her career and become a celebrated Successful lady.

 Heather Parry

Heather had joined MTV news at 22years of age and became the loved and hardworking producer of the Week in Rock, the well known Get Rich or Die Trying a film that was starring the celebrity 50 Cents and also The Longest Yard a film that was starring Adam Sandler. Parry left MTV news in 2005 and went for greener pastures as a head of film at Sanders Happy Madison and successfully produced three films namely The House Bunny, Just Go With It and Pixels for a good ten years of her career life.

When Perry joined Live Nation Production, she was during her birthday put in Eagles of Death a role that she took humbly, responsibly and saw it scaling heights. She Maximized the assets of the great Renowned Live Nation production that were later go be exploited fully for the production of one great film, A Star Is Born.

A Star is Born is a movie about a seasoned singer Jackson who falls know live with an upcoming and struggling artiste, Ally who is about to give up on her dreams until Jackson encourages her to ghetto limelight. As Ally career and ream begin to rise, their relationship seem to be headed for the rocks as Jackson is struggling to fight with his personal demons,


Heather Perry has seen the emerging of Live Nation production as a great film production house under her able leadership and enthusiasm and creativity at the work place. She is a perfect example of a strong lady with a success oriented mind and one who doesn’t fear to take risk and opportunities.

Boraie Development Changes the Phase of New Jersey

Luxurious Tower

The Aspire building is very appealing. It is conveniently located at the heart of New Brunswick. The building is strategically located near a train station. It will offer more office room for aspiring investors. With the tremendous population growth of young and energetic generation within the town, The Aspire combines modern design to attract them. The offices are spectacular, spacious and elegant.

The Aspire tower’s neighborhood has breathtaking dining rooms. It is the home for entertainments. Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and Saint Peter’s University Hospital are not far from the tower. The tower comprises of 238 magnificent studios.

Along with that, there are one and two bedroom apartment, well spacious and have an air conditioner. The residents are provided with private guard 24/7 and spacious parking. The packing is accessed easily. The interior design work is remarkable. The Aspire apartment has hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. The bathroom has warm water and glass door. The windows are big to all free circulation of air and enough light to the rooms. The aspire has a well-maintained swimming pool and free wi-fi.

Boraie Partners with Shaquille O’ Neal

Shaquille O’ Neal, basketball legend partners with Boraie to accelerate New Jersey Development. He is self-drive to see his town structure upgrading. Together with Boraie, they will continue to render services on real estate development, sales, and marketing of real estate and property management. New Jersey real estate investors primarily get their funding from the bank and private investors. Their Architects are crafty, creative, and innovative in property development. They hold world-class expertise that enables them to create attractive residential apartment, office building, and hotels that well furnished. The Boraie Development project aims to attract long term partners.

The partnership is renovating New Jersey Performing Art Centre. The project was allocated $90 million. During the interview, O’ Neal noted that he would spend his life as in developing New Jersey. Their partnership is branded as Boraie O’Neal Urban Development.

Harry Harrison Interview

Harry Harrison spent over 20 years with Barclays as an investor and trader. He recently completed his tenure as the head of Barclays Non-Core division in 2017 when the bank decided to get out of the non-core business and sold $110 billion in investments. He recently reflected on his time with Barclays and his new life as a stay-at-home dad in an interview on

Harry Harrison is very interested in how technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry. He calls this revolution “fintech adjacent” because the new companies in this industry offer a wide range of financial services beyond stock and bond investments. Technology is something that Harry Harrison convinced Barclays to use when he was transferred to New York in 2003. Electronic trading wasn’t widely used among investment banks in America at that time, but Barclays and other investment banks in Europe had widely established electronic trading capabilities. Harry Harrison felt that bringing electronic trading capabilities to America would be the best way for Barclays to penetrate the U.S. market.

Harry Harrison currently spends his time coaching other entrepreneurs and works as a consultant for venture capital, private equity, and financial technology companies. One entrepreneur that he spends the most time with is his wife, Ami Nauiokas, who is the founder and president of the fintech investment firm Anthemis Group. He also enjoys spending a lot of time being a stay-at-home dad for his two children and pursuing hobbies like studying French, practicing yoga, getting better at golf, and reading.

Gold as U.S Money

Variables metals have become very expensive in the recent world. These metals are gold and silver that have a lot of demand in recent marketing.

The US Mint director come up with an idea of using these metals as a measure of finance that has been introduced as the U.S Money Reserve by this organization.

The U.S Reserve has gained a lot of famous due to their perfect and professional skills acquired in decades of years as they are involved with the same business for a long time.

This has resulted to this company having more than four thousands hundreds clients that have entrusted them in this variable materials and giving them room to purchase and market this product for them in the field of the market at a better price.

The U.S Reserve has acquired skilled personnel’s that are in charge of marketing the clients variable products thereby giving confidence to their client that have made them to be sure of the company in terms of integrity and confidentiality are concerned.

This institute has ensured effective communication means to their retailers and customers as well to their clients through the creation of a direct line for communication for effective communication.

This organization has also involved their customer in the marketing sector where there are rooms for bargaining this product and any transaction conducted is considered on both parties according to their agreement. This has been made effective via the use of Buyback Guarantee.

U .S Company has also policies and rules that govern the organization to ensure that its run smoothly and effective where they have the following principles.

These policies are that the company should be transparency to their clients and customers, assurance of integrity between them and the clients in terms of services they offered, keeping their promises to their customers and lastly offering personal services to customers effectively.

These two metals have proved to be potentially increasing their variability in terms of acquiring value as they maintain it while others are depreciating their cost. Though this it has proved to be a secure source of wealth because it does not decrease its value but its increase instead.

In conclusion, silver and gold have become a paramount portable measure asset that can be used even for future wealth by generation to come as it has purchasing power and is globally accepted as a measure of wealth and also as currency.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

How Doctor Sameer Jejurikar Is Making a Difference


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who is not only good at what he

does but also looks to make a difference through what he does. He is gifted

in quite a number of ways and one of those ways is making his patients feel

safe, secure and confident. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also offers customized

treatments, and that explains why he takes time to properly diagnose his


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, The Entrepreneur

Owing to his undeniable experience as well as deep understanding of the

human skin, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has ventured into skin care product

industry. The plastic surgery guru has developed near perfect treatment in

the form of affordable, over-the-counter skin care products for reducing

wrinkles, inelasticity and dark spots.

His Field of Expertise

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been in practice for close to 11-20 years. And

during this rather long period, he has managed to pick up quite a number of

useful skills that his patients continue to enjoy to this very day. For

starters, he carries out plastic surgery procedures for the nose, face,

body, breasts, and eyes. Patients who have an issue with hair loss or

receding hairlines can also benefit from a scheduled visit to the good


This is simply because Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also happens to be gifted at

carrying out permanent hair graft implantation procedures. He also uses the

latest technological advancements to ensure that his patients have the best

chance of getting exactly what they want.

For instance, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar uses Smart Graft to ensure that his hair

graft procedures are perfectly done and exactly how his patients wanted.

The latter explains why all of his patients are satisfied with his work. He

also utilizes the Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics. This simulation device uses

a 3D imaging system to show the patients exactly how they’ll look like

after the procedure is completed.

Nick Vertucci’s Exceptional Real Estate Strategies

Nick Vertucci established the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) about five years ago. The fundamental goal was to help others build a lucrative career in the real estate industry. The Academy equips students with the basic principles of real estate. Students learn the techniques, tactics as well as extra tips needed while investing in real estate. Nick uses his experience to come up with an approach that would bring exceptional results to his students. Mr. Vertucci understands it’s not easy to be a triumph in the industry within a short period. However, with the right strategies, proven advice, dedication, and patience it is possible to attain great success.

Nick Vertucci together with the NVREA group offers their students excellent investment tips and advice. NVREA guide students on how to buy houses at lower prices and sell the homes at high predetermined prices. NVREA equip students with the skill to eye a potential property concerning the returns. NVREA also teach the students on how to form beneficial connections with other experts in real estate. Networking is a great approach to find work according to Nick, especially in the real estate industry. The students also learn property wholesaling techniques.

Additionally, Nick Vertucci helps students learn how to use various resources to invest in real estate. The first resource is predominantly the student’s money. The second resource is getting investors to fund the student’s deals in real estate. It is also prudent to use both investor’s capital as well as self. Nick Vertucci has a fourth strategy that entails acquiring and sealing a deal as fast as possible. Nick has written a few books that serve as a guide to any person who might be thinking of investing in real estate. NVREA is changing people’s lives by giving them the tools to deal with any real estate related issue.