Julie Zuckerberg’s Prolific Career

The executive recruiter Julie Zuckerberg is a determined to make name for herself in the industry. Her main goal is to specialize in talent acquisition and management in the larger New York area. Since 2004 she has served the Deutsche Bank as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead.



Her powerful position enables to have an opportunity to be part of the business leaders who shape the recruitment strategies and assists in guiding the processes improvements. Often she has been requested to develop and negotiate offers of Managing Directors level, apart from recruitment activities she also offers coaching to her team of recruiters, and executive committees and counsel leadership. Apart from managing company business relationships, she has also looked after contract governance when she was serving as an Executive Recruiter within Talent Acquisition.



Zuckerberg has had a prolific career, a career with over 15 years of talent acquisition experience. Before she had taken her current role at Deutsche Bank, she served as Corporate Vice President’s at the New York-based Life Insurance Company, she was also the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead.



Prior to joining New York Life, she worked at Citi. While at Citi, she served as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter. At Citi, she worked at this position for over 6 years. Her responsibilities included negotiating high-level complex job offers, sourcing talent globally, and providing advice on the recruitment strategies amongst others.



Five years prior joining Citi she served as Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. Zuckerberg recruited attorneys, paralegals, case managers and support staff for temporary and temporary waiting for hire positions for several organizations, legal firms, and financial institutions. The success in her career of talent acquisition is a result of hard work, firm educational foundation, and solid work ethics.



Her excellent education background has propelled Zuckerberg to the place where she is. She studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she attended. She, however, changed her course after attending the New York Law School, later she landed in the field of talent acquisition.



Through the experience she has acquired over the years has enabled her to become more valuable as an Executive Recruiter. Often experience is called the best teacher. Over the year Zuckerberg has had an opportunity of working number of a highly recognized mentor who is rich in wisdom and knowledge and has helped her widen her skills sets. Currently, she well experienced in talent acquisition and management, human resources, team management, resolution of conflict training among employees, sourcing and coaching. She takes a keen interest in the various ways in which technology improvement can be utilized to optimize the industry efficiency.



Apart from her work, she doesn’t waste any opportunity to get involved in the New York City’s vibrant cultural scene. She is also a determined human rights, animal welfare and economic inclusions & empowerment advocate.

Doe Deere Is Keeping Things Bright

Doe Deere is a woman that is known all around the world because of her fashion and because of her famous cosmetics line. Deere’s line is called Lime Crime. Doe Deere did an interview with Ideamensch, and she talked about how she was able to reach the top with her cosmetics company. Doe Deere is a young woman that was originally born in Russia. When she was in her late teens, She and her family immigrated to New York. New York had a huge influence on Doe Deere’s life, because that is where she was able to learn more about beauty and fashion. Doe Deere is a woman that always had a keen interest in color and fashion. Deere realized that she wanted to work more in the fashion industry, so she started up her own clothing line after she graduated from college.

Doe Deere was able to gain popularity with her fashion line, and many of her fans also commented about her makeup. Doe Deere always chose to wear make up that was bright and colorful, and she found that many people wanted more pigmentation in their makeup as well. Unfortunately, the majority of cosmetics lines did not have highly pigmented make up, so once Doe Deere found theatrical makeup, it totally changed her life.

Doe Deere was able to start up Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere started out with just a couple hundred dollar and her dream. Deere’s dream was to make a cosmetic line that featured bright and beautiful colors for all of her fans. Deere wanted people to be able to wear her makeup, and she wanted them to recognize that there is not just one type of beauty. Beauty can come in all different looks and colors, and Deere believes that there are no rules when it comes to makeup and to using color. Doe Deere often features herself on her websites, because she uses her own face as her canvas. Deere also encourages her clients to experiment.

Doe Deere does not believe in running a business with an iron fist. She believes that that idea is old-fashioned. Deere believes that it is very important to give her clients and her partners their due respect. Doe Deere has been able to run her business successfully, because she has gotten a lot of good advice, and because she always puts her employees and her clients first. Doe Deere is an individual that loves to encourage other like-minded entrepreneurs.



College Football Betting made Easier with Covers.com

The 21st century has seen an increase in popularity of online football betting. The increase is caused by the rapid advancements in technology. Many sportsbooks have come up from different parts of the world. Most of these sportsbooks give different information concerning NHL, NBA, NFL, and their college football matches. One of the best sportsbooks today is Covers.com. It is a website which allows users to pay only after winning the bets. It offers free playing contests for games such as Ultimate Race, King Covers, and Streak Survivor. These games are opportunities for players to win prizes and cash.

Professional fans and analysts out there make use of betting sites to win money off of college football odds. There are several platforms to host the bests. Players can pick on any college football team and bet on it. Covers.com arranges teams based on points. The more points a team has, the higher the chances it has to succeed. There is always a sum of cash that players can bet on teams so not to make huge losses in case of a loss. The company understands that not everyone is going to make the best pick. It thus advises players on the best pickups and the right amount of money to place any bet.

It is always a good idea to make use of Covers.com site to make better betting decisions. The website is a platform where players can get advice for different sports. The site is made of different pages where each sports fan can be on. The home page has an active Twitter feed. Once gets constant updates regarding a particular team. You will be updated on player injuries, trades, and pickups. Additionally, the company has precise percentages that show the odds of each team winning.

A quick look at the website and you will realize that it offers a lot than betting. Covers.com has formed a forum where sports enthusiasts can bet. The forum is made of a collection of betting fans in the industry. Thousands of threads go into the forum on a daily basis. The size of the forum is what stands out with the website. Many members that use the forum are also very knowledgeable. Apart from the information received concerning college football, one can get information about any NFL game. The site also provides info about any other game apart from football. The most important thing about the data is that it is available for free.

The Quincy Is Now Open For Leasing

Located on Nielsen Street, the Quincy has opened it doors for leasing to the general public now. This is a newly constructed modern multilevel rental apartment complex in the heart of New Brunswick. It is targeted for the middle class professional and young adult couples who are starting out in their lives. One and two bedroom units are available for lease as well as the smaller studio apartments.


The Quincy’s official address is at 120 Nielsen Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey. The leasing office for the property is found at another building. It is located in the professional building found at 303 George St., Suite 102 New Brunswick NJ 08901. This is a short walking distance away from the Quincy building. The management company in charge of the Quincy is Alliance Residential Company.


The hours of the leasing office are from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. on weekdays. The office is closed on weekdays. You can reach the Quincy leasing office by calling 732.284.4040 and send inquiries vial email to [email protected]


Pets are welcome at the Quincy and there are amenities such as a dog park for pet owners on the grounds. The Quincy has its own parking garage for residents and their guests. The garage is located indoors and is secure. Recreational amenities on site include a rooftop pool, lounge, fitness center, exercise studio room and community room.


A Pizza Delivery Driver Is Robbed On Quincy Circle


Quincy Circle in Dayton, New Jersey and not New Brunswick had a pizza delivery driver robbery incident. A group of three were said to have approached a delivery driver and put a gun to his head. They demanded cash, his wallet and the pizza before speeding off. They were later caught a year later, thanks to police detective work that traced their phone calls to setting up the pizza delivery to Quincy Circle.


A Man Is Shot At The New Brunswick Apartments


The New Brunswick Apartments found at 33 Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick, New Jersey had a shooting take place at about 9:00 in the evening on October 5th, 2015. There was one gunmen who fled the scene as soon as police arrived. One person was reported to be shot. He suffered mild injuries and was transported to an area hospital by car. The supposed shooter was described by witnesses to have been wearing a hoodie and ran off towards Nielsen Street after committing the crime.


IAP Worldwide Services Acquiring Other Companies

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. (IAP) a major player in the logistics field with more than 2,000 employees. The company recently acquired DRS Technologies, Inc. (DRS). DRS is located in Oklahoma City, Ok., IAP also brought under their umbrella the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) business situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. These acquired businesses further the range of IAP’s presence in aircraft repair, engineering information technology, and communication services to the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other agencies being served by IAP. IAP Worldwide has a commitment to expand and to remain as efficient as possible while executing their proven abilities to expand their operations in the world theater of logistics support.

Doug Kitani is the CEO of IAP, and he has expressed satisfaction that his company will continue to remain efficient and to further their growth in the area of logistics around the world.

IAP began its operations in 1953 as Pan Am World Services, Inc. when the company started building and operating America’s first space launch complex base in Cape Canaveral, FL. Since its beginning on the sands of Florida, IAP has merged and acquired with similar businesses until it has arrived on the world stage as a major supplier to military campaigns and to disaster relief programs.

The United States of America has been a constant player on the world stage and must present armies and navies across the globe at a moment’s notice. The U.S. military relies on logistics experts like IAP to have materials, housing, engineering, repair and supplies available immediately. It is necessary for IAP to store and maintain these items and to have them shipped to wherever these supplies and equipment are needed. The inability to deliver needed items could result in the loss of military campaigns and the deaths of countless soldiers and sailors. As long as there are disasters and wars on the planet, there will be the urgent need for companies like IAP to come to the rescue. The efficiency of their operations is critical because, in this case, human lives do hang in the balance.

Transit Professionals Meet to Address the Transportation Issue in Williamson County

Austin area’s transit discussions usually address the issues of the city itself, but things changed on Thursday 15 December when William County Growth Summit availed a chance for discussing transportation challenges that the suburban communities encounter. The panel comprised of Mike Heiligenstein, Mobile Authority’s executive director, Leandre Johns, Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC, and Uber Technologies. During the event that took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel, the attendees discussed how technology is transforming the transportation sector in Austin and around the world.


Mike Heiligenstein’s declarations


Mike noted that advanced technologies like ridesharing and driverless vehicles applications are redefining the transportation infrastructure. However, he added that Austin area should invest heavily in expanding its transportation infrastructure, especially by developing more roads that are advanced. He stated that building smarter roads is the ideal way of serving the mobile demands of a rapidly growing population.


The panel moderator Alan McGraw wanted to know what the policy makers could do to revolutionize the transportation infrastructure. Ficklin responded by saying that construction and land-use rules must remain flexible. He said that the future parking garage would be slightly taller than the vehicle itself. It will possess several levels, with charging center on one level and a service station on the other level. This design does not fit into the existing building code.


Mike Heiligenstein and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


Mike Heiligenstein has a successful professional career in overseeing infrastructure development in the whole of Central Texas. Currently, he serves as the head of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Formed in 2002, the Mobile Authority is a government agency that operates independently. It specializes in designing a sophisticated, regional network of transportation for Central Texas. The board appointed Mike as the manager of the agency in 2003.


Mike has served as an elected representative of the people of Central Texas area for 23 years. As a Williamson County’s elected official, Mike has overseen the expansion of transportation infrastructure, water, and wastewater facilities. Under Mike’s exceptional leadership, the Mobile Authority has a comprehensive program in motion that will results in assets worth $4 billion by 2020 and a fast-rising revenue stream, which is projected to hit $136.5 million by 2020.

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Billy McFarland’s Penchant For Founding Businesses Culminates in Magnises Card For Young Professionals

For Billy McFarland, the path to entrepreneurship began early. He was just 13 when he started his first business at home with just his computer. McFarland would go on to found several more companies before he graduated high school.

Once in college, he had the idea for Spling, an outfit that specializes in optimizing URL’s by changing them into graphics featured in a mosaic-patterned board. The startup was venture-backed and boasted clients like Discovery, Hearst, and Universal. McFarland was educated at Bucknell and studied engineering.

McFarland’s entrepreneurial spirit is tempered with that of the philanthropic, as he has started several nonprofit organizations. LEAP, which stands for Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation, is an initiative designed to help kids in middle school and in high school learn business and computer skills.

His Accelerate Foundation helps athletes make connections with those who can mentor them in the field of their choice. It helps to promote financial stability in those needing to find another career after athletics has run its course.

According to BuzzFeed, Billy McFarland is also the founder of Fyre, a company that offers solutions for live entertainment. Their first offering, fyreBookings, streamlines the booking of performers, speakers, and athletes for events. It gives those hosting a group on-demand access to entertainers of many types.

Billy McFarland’s appreciation for community and technology converged when he started his next company, Magnises. Its hallmark is a black credit card on which the information from the credit card of your choice is imprinted.

There is a $250 annual fee and members are still able to use the credit card whose information has been copied. The card is for professionals, especially millennials, who are entrepreneurs and business people. Magnesis is not attached to a financial institution.

Members are currently pooled from New York City and from Washington D.C. and work in a variety of industries. Magnises hosts events for networking and has several locations open on a daily basis where members can interact with one another in person.

Upscale brands like Johnnie Walker, Tesla, and Samsung have provided members with interactive experiences and appreciate the exposure they get to this segment of the business population. Magnises has over 25,000 members to date.

Glenn Beck’s Absurd Smear Campaign Against George Soros

The Harbinger Of Hysteria
Glenn Beck has made a name for himself in the media for his many efforts to promote a zany but popular sort of anti-establishment conservatism on topics.wsj.com. A darling of the Tea Party his often absurd epiphanies spread quickly and his fans believe them dearly. Recently Glenn Beck has made hedge fund manager George Soros a target of numerous fiery attacks. In the world according to Beck Soros is a cackling villain who dreams of unifying the world in order to dominate it. Through his frequent thinly veiled antisemitic rants Beck paradoxically accuses George Soros of both greed and communism.

The Man Behind It All
As a successful hedge fund manager working in international finance with a Jewish background George Soros is obviously a target of white nationalists and other anti-semites who seek a bogeyman to rally against. While Glenn Beck is not necessarily himself a clear white nationalist his rhetoric does appeal to them. Beck views Soros as the main figure behind globalization. In Beck’s view Soros plans to unite the world and then use his influence to dominate the world economy.

Read more: Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

The Honest Truth
The assertions Glenn Beck makes are as false as they are absurd. Beck is seemingly unaware of the consistently anticommunist record of George Soros. While Glenn Beck criticized Soros for his backing of assorted revolutions throughout eastern Europe despite the motivations for these revolutions. These revolutions created democratically elected leadership and free markets of the kind conservatives usually favor. Even more bizarre is Beck’s efforts to claim that George Soros was a participant in the Holocaust. That sort of bizarre thinking goes beyond the limits of most contemporary anti-semites into an reserved for obsolete medieval phobias.

Playing Down The Rhetoric
The inflammatory lies of Glenn Beck are often dismissed by his colleagues. They see him as nothing more than a joke or an entertainer. The real life consequences of the false world he presents to his audience is too easily dismissed. When Glenn Beck rails against globalization on project-syndicate.org and accuses the finance industry of bringing about one world order there are serious consequences. Conspiracy theories are legitimized and xenophobes are welcomed into the mainstream.

Mike Baur: Helping Others Achieve Success

In 2014, at the age of 39, Mike Baur looked back on his twenty-year career in the Swiss Private Banking industry and concluded the time was right for a change. He was feeling ambitious, wanted to call the shots, and wanted to help new businesses get off the ground and grow. He knew the only way to do this was to enter the entrepreneurial world. Mike and his two partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, co-founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF).


SSUF is based in Zurich and seeks digital entrepreneurs. Their mission is to work with these startups and grow them into global companies that disrupt and replace traditional existing business models. The vision of SSUF is to create a premier startup accelerator program that provides the fledgling companies every service they need to get to the top. New businesses begin the process by applying for a spot at SSUF.


They accomplish their goals by using one to one mentoring, creating a collaborative work environment, and focusing on learning from the experience available through the network of experts. After moving through the accelerator and achieving success as a global organization, these companies, in turn, become part of the system.


In addition to SSUF, Mr. Baur also gives a portion of his time and effort mentoring Swiss youth entrepreneurs, and he is the Director of the Swiss Startup Association. Mike believes in the power of helping people grow personally and professionally. His theory is that helping others to find success creates opportunities by pushing whole economies in the direction that benefits everyone.


Mike’s educational credentials include an MBA from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. After college, Mike began working in the banking and finance industry and quickly moved into positions of increased responsibility where he gained valuable experience.


Mr. Baur and his wife also believe in contributing to the community via charity. For example, in 2014 they donated $1 million to build the Center for Student Success at High Point University North Carolina where their child was attending at the time. Clearly, Mike Baur has a passion for helping others succeed.




Doe Deere Believes In Success Through Positive Reinforcement

Doe designed her cosmetic line so that it covers more imperfections than just the face and body. Her makeup helps to rebuild self esteem and allows a small truckload of room for self expression and personal freedom. Lime Crime is not a makeup that is designed to make you look best in the eyes of others, it is more a cosmetic line that is a state of mind. You can and should use it to express how you feel at the moment you put it on. There are many things that make Doe Deere and Lime Crime stand apart from others, however, this thought process is certainly one of them.

Doe Deere feels that it is more important to inspire and lead by positive actions and not rule with an iron fisted attitude of saying do it my way. This business philosophy shows in her makeup company and her personal life too. Perhaps that is what makes Lime Crime such a lively and vibrant company. Their products stand up and shout here is your alternative to the standard nine to five makeup that your great grand mom wore. The colors are bold and made from animal friendly and vegan approved ingredients. This is great news for everyone, not just Vegans and animal lovers.

It is important to keep in mind that Doe Deere started Lime Crime with an idea and a few hundred dollars. She knew that her idea would work because people have been asking makeup companies for more options for years and those makeup companies just ignored these requests. Her line carries lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and much more. As an avid supporter of businesses owned by women, Doe often talks about finding your own voice to people who believe in entrepreneurship. Doe loves to inspire others to stand up and get counted. Doe feels that once you get inspired you should take action as quickly as you can. By acting decisively and swiftly you are able to ride that wind of inspiration to success. That is the same method that Doe herself follows with Lime Crime.

It does not matter which Lime Crime product line you look at, if you look close enough you will see that everything Doe talks about is put into action and has resulted in a Lime Crime product. People love the idea and they love the products that Lime Crime create. All you have to do is search any number of social media sites and you will soon see that countless amounts of people are talking about Lime Crime in a positive light.

Doe Deere tells people who want to start their own business to simply find their voice and go for it.  This process worked for Doe Deere and Lime Crime and it can work for you too.