Herbalife Renames New Basketball Center

The sports nutrition company known as Herbalife Nutrition has announced that it will partner up with the organization IMPACT. Together, the two entities will run a facility known as the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. The global nutrition company will become an official sponsor of the basketball center and offer a facility for athletes to visit on a frequent basis. Herbalife Nutrition will use this facility to offer its latest product line. It will now provide basketball players access to the Herbalife NSF Certified for Sports product line. The new product line will be available to basketball players at all three of Herbalife Nutrition’s locations which include centers in California, Florida and Nevada.

When the new Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center opened up, a number of former NBA basketball players were present. They were there to introduce the facility and talk about the benefits of how it can help with player training. As well as there being former NBA players at the facility, the founder of IMPACT Joe Abunassar was also there to introduce the facility to visitors. At this center, a clinic of coaching is available for basketball players to receive tips on how to improve their performance. They will also be able to participate in conditioning exercises and drills to help with their development as well.

The executives of both Herbalife and IMPACT were thrilled to open up the facility. Another individual named Sean Parker was also excited to open up the facility for a new clinic. Parker is the executive director of Teach for America and he said that the facility will be beneficial because it will allow people to be healthy and active. Along with having the opportunity to be active, the basketball center is also able to help high school and college players improve their academic performance. Players at all levels will also be in position to learn teamwork and time management as well.

The Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center has been a favored destination for over 200 basketball players at every level. High school, college and professional players all come to this facility to participate in skill and conditioning exercises. They are also regularly visiting the facility so that they can get advice on sports nutrition. With a number of quality products available, basketball players are in position to learn about and get the foods necessary to optimize their performance. With the benefits of skill development and nutrition, a number of basketball players will look to use the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center to help the reach their full potential.