The Renowned Success Academy in New York City

Recently, a good number of kindergartners, about eight years old who will be proceeding to high school graduated from Success Academy. Success Academy operates more than 41 good performing public schools in New York City. Success Academy was formed back in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz. It was established to make people realize the possibility in public education. This school is all inclusive since it considers students with special needs and those in the process of learning English. The random lottery is the method used to admit students in this school. More than 70 percent of the students admitted in this school come from low earning backgrounds. Around 8 percent are in the course of studying English language while 15 percent covers those who have special needs in life.


With authorization by the state university, the school has been able to operate with much dependence than other schools. This causes them to be highly responsible for the students’ performance. After every five years, the school undergoes reviewing so that it can be given the license to continue with its operations. Success Academy believes that every member of the community should take complete ownership of the institution. Their determination has always been to see that scholars reach the most coveted standards of education.


Although the main purpose of establishing this institution was to offer high-performing public education and broaden the American education, their second aim has not been fully achieved. Success Academy boasts of their free online portal which offers access to tutor development programs. Success Academy won the 2017 Broad Prize and is unveiling more plans of launching a more complex online program. This platform will be used to share their curriculum far and wide.


Success Academy current online platform offers curriculum for kindergartners. The school is targeting to establish a teacher’s development facility in Manhattan. Also, it will also construct a kindergarten for students who are through with their eighth grade. Through emailing, a section of educators was informed on the promotion of the new program. Those who respond to its promotion will be invited from conferences and practice sessions at the Hudson facility.