How Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is Transforming the Economy of Joao Pessoa

A few years ago, Roberto Santiago became a reference in the city of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, because of his vast investment portfolios, diversion and ability to use available business opportunities in the region. One of the most successful investments of Mr. Santiago is the Manaira Shopping, which is located in Joao Pessoa City. The mall was launched almost three decades ago (1989), but has been redeveloped severally in order to meet the demands of the visitors and customers. It is one of the largest malls in the entire city and offers lots of activities under one roof, more so in terms of fun, entertainment and leisure. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is constructed on a 75,000sq meters of Gross Lettable Area (ABL). There are about 280 stores offering a variety of products and services.


Activities at Manaira Shopping


Manaira mall is an entertainment hub for all people; kids and grownups. The movie section has 11 rooms, with high quality and modern display devices. Also, there are 3D and VIP rooms, which provide amazing movie experience. The sitting arrange at the movie theaters is arranged in a stadium-like system to provide fans with a clear visibility and full entertainment. Apart from the movie theaters, there is bowling alley at Manaira Shopping. The slopes are fantastic, modern and electronic. There are lots of gaming machines at the mall, providing entertainment to all ages. The gaming machines are more than 200, with different styles and tastes to cater for the needs of all fans.


The numerous stores and activities at Manaira Shopping allow customers to spend the entire day seeking for products or services from one part of the mall to another. This means they will require something to eat while at the mall. The Manaira mall has some of the best eating joints in the city, offering a wide variety of meals, both local and international. Food court, restaurants, Espaco Gourmet and hamburgers are all available at Manaira Shopping. The restaurant was the latest addition to the mall. It was completed in 2014. There are other facilities at the mall such as the Domus Hall, higher learning institutions, financial institutions, gymnasiums, ballrooms, and many more.


Roberto Santiago’s Career Profile


Roberto Santiago kicked-off his career path at the Café Santa Rosa. He then invested in a cartonage company, which specialized in designing and production of cardboard cartons. He supplied these products to different companies in the city of Joao Pessoa. After saving substantial amount of revenue from his business, he invested the fund in a real estate property, which is now the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago received his education at Pio X Marist College, and then joined University Center of Joao Pessoa for his degree in Business Administration.