Norman Pattiz Offers More Information On Radio Advertising

Norman has created a new study on advertising in the radio industry, and he knows that there are a number of radio stations that will benefit. This article explains how the study was conducted, and it shows that there are a number of ways to be profitable in advertising in radio.

There are many radio stations that will learn quite a lot from this, and they will find that it is much more helpful to know what is current in the industry.

#1: Who Is Norman Pattiz?

Norman Pattiz is the chairman of Westwood One, and he is one of the finest executives in radio. He has built Westwood One into a powerhouse that everyone has heard before, and he has one of the largest lineups of programming anywhere in the world.

Someone who is studying radio has heard of Westwood One, and they know that Norman has done a masterful job of growing the brand over the years. No one can listen to the radio without running across a Westwood One station or broadcast.

#2: What Does The Study Say?

The study was a look at how people hear radio ads and perceive their messages. Someone who is looking at the way they sell advertising space will find that they must favor companies such as grocery stores because they tend to perform well on the radio. Local service companies such as plumbers and HVAC firms will perform well, and it is important that someone who is managing a radio station is discerning about their advertising space.

#3: Brand Recognition Has Gone Up

Brand recognition is important for everyone who buys advertising space, and the study has found that brand recognition on the radio is quite high. A brand has a message played many times per day, and the drivers on the road remember the ads because they are listening passively.

It is important for a radio station to be persistent because they are getting the message through, and that is why it is important for ads to be played in a consistent rotation every day.

There are many different people who will benefit from Norman’s advertising study. He has shown the radio industry how to make the most money from advertising, and advertisers may take this advice when they are creating their ad spots, each entity will benefit quite a lot when they take Norman and his study seriously.