Clay Hutson Reflects On His Career So Far

Clay Hutson is extremely well known in the entertainment industry. He began by obtaining his bachelors at Central Michigan University, then ultimately a masters in Business Administration from University of Michigan. He has been a producer since 1999 under Getagrip Touring and worked with several famous people over the years from Kanye West to Billy Graham travel shows. These days Clay Hutson prefers to be in the music industry working for the current generation of rock and roll performers and runs his own company.


The website Blog Webpedia recently conducted an interview with Clay Hutson. The first question is regarding how he created the company. Clay responds the idea just came naturally to him. He was so involved with the music industry that it seemed like the proper thing to do. Unfortunately, starting around the late 2000s recession made for some early hurdles. However, are going are well for him these days. He often has to get up as early as 6:30am, where he has to make it to the venue before anyone else. It’s up to him to create the schedule and have everyone follow it to the letter. As of the time of this interview, he was working for Kid Rock’s concert.


When it comes to implementing ideas, past experience is very important. Knowing what goes where and proper placement can go a long way. However, every performer is different and every venue has something unique. Adjusting accordingly and keeping an open mind is part of the process. Looking ahead, Clay Hutson is always looking for ways to change the performances. Fancy light tricks and video can only go so far, but the upcoming trend of aerobatic stunts is likely to catch on across the industry. Learn more:


As time passes, Clay Hutson keeps getting new offers. He recently got a gig for working on Halsey’s tour. She’s an up and coming artist who is performing across the world in places such as Buenos Aires and Indianapolis. Along the way, other artists who be guest staring in Haley’s show. That makes it challenging and exciting from a planning perspective. Clay Hutson maintains a strong social media presence. Getting his name out there and interacting with the community is the best to ensure a steady stream of work.