The Quincy Is Now Open For Leasing

Located on Nielsen Street, the Quincy has opened it doors for leasing to the general public now. This is a newly constructed modern multilevel rental apartment complex in the heart of New Brunswick. It is targeted for the middle class professional and young adult couples who are starting out in their lives. One and two bedroom units are available for lease as well as the smaller studio apartments.


The Quincy’s official address is at 120 Nielsen Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey. The leasing office for the property is found at another building. It is located in the professional building found at 303 George St., Suite 102 New Brunswick NJ 08901. This is a short walking distance away from the Quincy building. The management company in charge of the Quincy is Alliance Residential Company.


The hours of the leasing office are from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. on weekdays. The office is closed on weekdays. You can reach the Quincy leasing office by calling 732.284.4040 and send inquiries vial email to [email protected]


Pets are welcome at the Quincy and there are amenities such as a dog park for pet owners on the grounds. The Quincy has its own parking garage for residents and their guests. The garage is located indoors and is secure. Recreational amenities on site include a rooftop pool, lounge, fitness center, exercise studio room and community room.


A Pizza Delivery Driver Is Robbed On Quincy Circle


Quincy Circle in Dayton, New Jersey and not New Brunswick had a pizza delivery driver robbery incident. A group of three were said to have approached a delivery driver and put a gun to his head. They demanded cash, his wallet and the pizza before speeding off. They were later caught a year later, thanks to police detective work that traced their phone calls to setting up the pizza delivery to Quincy Circle.


A Man Is Shot At The New Brunswick Apartments


The New Brunswick Apartments found at 33 Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick, New Jersey had a shooting take place at about 9:00 in the evening on October 5th, 2015. There was one gunmen who fled the scene as soon as police arrived. One person was reported to be shot. He suffered mild injuries and was transported to an area hospital by car. The supposed shooter was described by witnesses to have been wearing a hoodie and ran off towards Nielsen Street after committing the crime.