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Many people who have had a cancer diagnosis or have a family member or friend who has been affected constantly look for new treatments with fewer side effects. It is a debilitating and frightening disease that impacts every phase of a patients’ life physically and emotionally. Researchers are always looking for the latest techniques to make treatments easier while trying to cure and eradicate the cancer cells. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press. is a resource for researchers and oncologists to share ideas and treatment results to help each other give the best options for their patients. Articles are submitted for access to the latest ideas and studies and are encouraged by the founders. It was started in 2010 by editors-in-chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. It is a peer reviewed, open access medical journal covering all aspects of cancer care and research published by Impact Journal.

The goal is to help authors who wish to submit articles increase the impact of their research and provide their studies and information to all researchers and oncology professionals. Authors who wish to publish papers can read the guidelines on the website and submit their works to be included in journals published weekly at Impact Journal. Many who have had their work turned away by other sources have found success with Oncotarget that has been rated #1 in total documents in 2015 among all journals in Oncology.

That is an outstanding result for a company still considered new in the industry. The ability to access studies, reports and techniques from other professionals makes it easier for clinicians to find the latest in care advice for patients and to realize their goals to:


  • Maximize the impact of research with insightful reviews
  • Allow exceptional discoveries to be shared more quickly
  • Eliminate borders between specialties
  • Link different fields of biomedical science
  • Foster applications of basic and clinical science to fight disease
  • Life without disease is the ultimate goal

The top 100 Oncotarget publications in the media have been rated by Altmetric Attention score.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Clinicians can subscribe to the publications and receive notice of the latest submissions, review their website for specific topics of interest and even submit their own publications.

Oncotarget’s impact for the studies and cures of cancers has made its mark and wants to share their research with as many people as possible. Take advantage of their resources today to stay up to date on the latest news and provide the best care for your patients. Learn more about Oncotarget journal at

Eric Lefkofsky Provides Hope to the Future and Family

Eric Lefkofsky is known most commonly by his impressive works at Tempus Inc., which he resides as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Co-founder of the company, but before all of his wild success, Eric Lefkofsky was a perspective lawyer who attended the University of Michigan from 1987 through to 1991 and then the University of Michigan Law from 1991 through till 1994 where he accomplished earning his Juris Doctor also known as the JD.

Upon his graduation and accepting his law degree, Eric went on to move to the Chicago Area where he quickly managed to create his own company known as InnerWorkings back in the year 2001 of May. Upon getting the ball rolling in his career, Lefkofsky developed a hunger inside of himself for the pursuit of change and power in the world, believing that with enough power he could eventually help support as much progress as possible.

Later moving on to start up a second company, Eric founded Echo Global Logistics in 2005 and then later on again he came up with yet another phenomenal idea when he brought MediaBank to the world as its Founder as well. Not wanting to stop there, Eric Lefkofsky put one foot in front of the other and continued to pursue greatness with even yet more brilliant ideas, going on to become the Co-Founder of Lightbank and Groupon, two of his most famous creations.

Deciding it would be a foolish career move to waste his awesome momentum and wanting to continue on with his impressive entrepreneurial stride, in January of 2014 he Co-Founded a new company that goes by the name of Uptake which he still currently actively takes a great part in. A year after the discovery of Uptake, Eric Lefkofsky created his most recent and most highly esteemed company known as Tempus, Inc., where he and his team work with passion in their sciences to eradicate cancer through finding a cure and in the process also finding overall far better treatment options that are less dangerous and incredibly more reliable.

Today, Eric Lefkofsky resides in the Greater Chicago Area as a highly respected pillar of his community, not only for his work in the fight against cancer, but also in his impressive assistance in the everyday family’s home through the private foundation which he Co-Founded known as Lefkofsky Family Foundation which works to improve quality of life.


E-cigarettes Can Damage Gum Tissues (A research published by Ontarget)

Oncotarget is a worldwide associate evaluated diary, which concentrates on the obsessive premise of all cancer illnesses, treatment potential target and conventions of treatment which are trailed by the change of patients with cancer.

Research released by Ontarget concludes that electronic cigarettes damage the gum and teeth like regular cigarettes. The analysis conducted by scientists from the University of Rochester Medical Center, U.S was analyzing the effects of e-cigarettes on both cellular and molecular levels. The scientist on discovered e-cigarettes release vapors that emit inflammatory proteins and causes stress within the cells. Imposing pressure on gums damages the cells, causing oral diseases that develop regarding how the user smokes the e-cigarettes. According to Fawad Javed, a co-author of the study on, a substance called nicotine, which causes oral diseases is contained in e-cigarettes.

The team verified the results after exposure of epithelial cells from gum tissues to e-cigarette tissues. No study has established the long-term effects of smoking e-cigarettes. But, Dr. Mahmoud Rouabhia who led the research stated that there is increased chances of inflammation and infection by the gum diseases once the defensive block of the mouth is damaged. There could be chances that a prolonged smoking of e-cigarettes can cause cancer. However, the scientist are still working on proving this statement on

Oncotarget focuses on the impact of cancer management programs, emerging therapeutic agents and conventions based on the patient’s point of view such as satisfaction, quality life, and adherence. Oncotarget uncovers new and existing treatments that are evident in regards to the change of results. Also, the journal tries to characterize their use concerning take-up and acknowledgment by cancer patients and the healthcare providers.