Robert Ivy, English Major Making Architecture Important

Since 2011, Robert Ivy has been the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA is a prestigious association, consisting of some 90,000 architectural and design professionals. In his position, Robert contributes valuable insight to network by speaking out about issues and concerns that affect architects, through public outreach and community involvement.

Robert Ivy in his AIA leadership role addresses initiatives and actions that are of primary importance to the network and its 250 chapters. For example, he serves on the Clinton Foundation; because he wanted to be apart of building an American society that involves architectural input. As for his part in the foundation, Ivy said that AIA is committed for long term in helping to improve public health. Architects role in this is community planning and assisting with funding research grants.

The efforts of Robert Ivy with AIA is to maintain a public identity that’s demonstrates the positive impact of architects in society. Robert feels that it’s paramount for AIA to be involved in community initiatives. These initiatives help to advance the relevancy of architects in our daily lives. Because every public building and private residential structure has some element of architectural planning and design. AIA wants to highlight that relevancy through responsive initiatives, which address the role of architects in the social and economic structure. So that the profession isn’t just viewed as providing creative input only.

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Robert Ivy is often provides social commentary and dialogue about the contributions of architects to the larger world and the value of design and planning. In addition to his many speaking engagements, Robert is a published author. His book entitled, “Fay Jones: Architect,” received a citation of merit for providing an elevated standard in “scholarship, design and production.” Robert Ivy won the 2009 G.D. Crain Award, which recognizes a lifetime achievement in the category of editorial and business media excellence.

Robert Ivy has also made ongoing contributions as a guest blogger for various online media outlets. His blog post, “The Decade of Design: The Global Urban Solutions Challenge” is a noteworthy read. It stands to reason that Robert Ivy is a great writer given his educational background. He graduated cum laude; earning a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South. And he studied at Tulane University, where he earned his Master of Architecture.