The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile: How EOS Dominated The Beauty Industry

The Evolution of Smooth did not become one of the best-selling lip balms in the nation by accident. Sanjiv Mahra and Jonathan Teller (EOS founders) had to develop a strategic plan and overcome countless hurdles to reach such major success. EOS lip balm is currently worth $250 million dollars and has become the 2nd best-selling lip balm after Burts Bees.

EOS was launched nearly a decade ago. The entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in the beauty market, particularly the oral care category. They felt as though manufactures were only concerned about developing cheap products with an active ingredient.

The invested in research and discovered that lip balms were mainly used by women. This inspired the men to create a product that appealed to them, versus making a unisex product. They also discovered that consumers did not enjoy putting on lip balm. This information led to a set of objectives and goals that the businessmen would set out for their product. They also wanted their lip balm to become a timeless staple, as Chapstick had become.

With the help of a clay sculpture, they created the signature spherical shape. They eventually invested in their own machinery to create the product by the masses. They used all natural ingredients with an array of refreshing flavors and adopted the tagline “The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile”.

Getting EOS lip balm products into stores was a challenge. Even after hiring a professional salesman to represent their product, most buyers were male and felt as though the product was not needed. By a twist of fate they were able to meet with a female buyer from Walgreens that accepted the product and EOS landed their first account with that drugstore. Costco, Walmart and Target followed.

Today,EOS continues to spread the word of their product through social media and beauty magazines.

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