Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Holds Dinner To Raise Funds For Mental Health Treatment Services

Succeeding in the competitive market that is the legal industry in New York City is not easy however attorney Jeremy Goldstein has proven that it is not impossible. Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of the New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago as well as Cornell University.

The top tier education that Jeremy Goldstein received at these institutions helped to prepare him to be an effective corporate lawyer.

Initially Jeremy Goldstein spent part of his legal career honing his skills as a lawyer and learning the ropes of the legal industry while working as an associate for a well known corporate law firm.

He was eventually able to achieve a milestone that many lawyers dream of by becoming a partner at a law firm. Some time after reaching this important professional milestone Jeremy Goldstein decided that he was ready to leverage his talents as an attorney by tackling a new challenge.

He did this by making the decision to start his own corporate law firm that is known today as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

The practice areas at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates draw upon Jeremy’s expertise in the areas of executive compensation, corporate governance and business law.

The issues that arise when decisions about the compensation of a senior employee need to be made are not necessarily straightforward.

As the paychecks of executives have come under more public scrutiny corporations have found that it is important to balance the need to offer a competitive compensation package to executives they are interested in hiring with the expectation that executives be compensated in a manner that is ethical.

Jeremy Goldstein’s legal practice Jeremy Goldstein and Associates has been offering legal advice to corporations and chief executive officers to help them to meet this challenge in the most effective way possible.

In addition to being passionate about corporate law Jeremy Goldstein is also very passionate about helping those in need. When he is not spending his time running his law firm and meeting with clients he is offering his service to a New York City nonprofit organization that is known as Fountain House.

Fountain House is a New York City nonprofit that is focused on serving the needs of individuals who find themselves struggling with mental health. Jeremy Goldstein currently serves as a member of Fountain House’s Board of Directors. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

According to Jeremy recently held a wine dinner to help raise money for Fountain House. The wine dinner that Jeremy Goldstein held for Fountain House took place at the Nomad Hotel where guests could enjoy wine from Chateau Latour and dinner while supporting Fountain House for a $3,700 a plate.

All of the funds earned from the dinner will be used to support Fountain House, according to