Karl Heideck’s Approach to Law

As an Attorney whose idea of success is seeing others succeed, Karl Heideck works to make sure his Clients always know he has their best interest in mind and is committed to delivering the outcome they deserve. Clients are not just a number to Karl and he believes to successfully serve his clients, he must have a connection with them. This is an often underestimated relationship between Counsel and Client.

A graduate of Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law, Karl Heideck is well recognized in a diverse legal portfolio including product liability, corporate law, commercial litigation and employment proceedings. It isn’t just big business that Karl is committed to however; he is also known to be an aggressive defender for small businesses and has successfully litigated several cases on behalf of small business owners.

Karl Heideck is well known for his litigation skills. Being a successful litigator requires a certain skill set that Karl has committed himself to not only obtaining, but mastering. He is well known for his profound research skills. When litigating, knowing the facts of past cases, rulings and precedence is equally as important as how you present your case. Karl is an expert in Interviewing and interrogation technique and is well versed in the art of negotiation. The importance of skillfully and tactfully asking questions during litigating matters cannot be understated and Karl utilizes these skill sets strategically.

In addition to practicing law on behalf of his Clients, Karl Heideck also authors several online new source articles and blogs to educate the business and law communities on Pennsylvania law evolution and its impact on business. Writing about critical legislative pieces, such as age discrimination in employment act, IRS worker classification and hiring, harassment, and discrimination laws, demonstrate Karl’s wide area of expertise.

As an Attorney who represents a diverse Cliental base against a multitude of legal matters, Karl Heideck works and fights for those he represents. The connection he works to gain with each and every Client is what delivers best success and Karl is committed to the outcomes his Client’s deserve. Check more https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/19046-pa-karl-heideck-1937201.html


The Madison County Courier Is The New Way To Find Pro Bono Lawyers

Many people in New York have a hard time finding a pro bono lawyer. Even when finding one, people usually do not know the history of the attorney. Moreover, some of these attorneys have several hidden fees attached to their pro bono work. These attorneys take advantage of average people in the New York area.

This is being changed by the creation of the Madison County Courier. The Madison County Courier has developed a way for all people in low-income status to apply for a suitable free attorney. All an individual has to do is get on the Madison County Courier website. This can be accomplished through any public library. Additionally, the county courthouse has a law library with online access, too.

Once on the website, a quick form must be electronically filled out. There are no costs associated with this form. This form is also broken down so that the least educated person is able to understand it. Some financial information needs to be submitted to the secured database. Once this happens, the person applying for a free lawyer will instantly know if they qualify or not.

Upon qualifying, the applicant will receive names of several attorneys that can represent them for free with no hidden fees at all. This information further includes the history of the attorney, whether good or bad.

Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein is very happy with this service. Attorney Goldstein has represented many people on a pro bono status. Sadly, he has observed pro bono attorneys take advantage of many people; this could be by charging hidden fees or not doing a good job with the representation.

Jeremy Goldstein wanted to make a program that would ensure people in a pro bono status a good attorney for no money at all. Jeremy hopes more lawyers will join the pro bono staff within the next few months.https://corpgov.law.harvard.edu/contributor/jeremy-goldstein/