Transit Professionals Meet to Address the Transportation Issue in Williamson County

Austin area’s transit discussions usually address the issues of the city itself, but things changed on Thursday 15 December when William County Growth Summit availed a chance for discussing transportation challenges that the suburban communities encounter. The panel comprised of Mike Heiligenstein, Mobile Authority’s executive director, Leandre Johns, Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC, and Uber Technologies. During the event that took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel, the attendees discussed how technology is transforming the transportation sector in Austin and around the world.


Mike Heiligenstein’s declarations


Mike noted that advanced technologies like ridesharing and driverless vehicles applications are redefining the transportation infrastructure. However, he added that Austin area should invest heavily in expanding its transportation infrastructure, especially by developing more roads that are advanced. He stated that building smarter roads is the ideal way of serving the mobile demands of a rapidly growing population.


The panel moderator Alan McGraw wanted to know what the policy makers could do to revolutionize the transportation infrastructure. Ficklin responded by saying that construction and land-use rules must remain flexible. He said that the future parking garage would be slightly taller than the vehicle itself. It will possess several levels, with charging center on one level and a service station on the other level. This design does not fit into the existing building code.


Mike Heiligenstein and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


Mike Heiligenstein has a successful professional career in overseeing infrastructure development in the whole of Central Texas. Currently, he serves as the head of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Formed in 2002, the Mobile Authority is a government agency that operates independently. It specializes in designing a sophisticated, regional network of transportation for Central Texas. The board appointed Mike as the manager of the agency in 2003.


Mike has served as an elected representative of the people of Central Texas area for 23 years. As a Williamson County’s elected official, Mike has overseen the expansion of transportation infrastructure, water, and wastewater facilities. Under Mike’s exceptional leadership, the Mobile Authority has a comprehensive program in motion that will results in assets worth $4 billion by 2020 and a fast-rising revenue stream, which is projected to hit $136.5 million by 2020.

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