A User’s Review Of WEN by Chaz

As much as you might love seeing the hair you might dream of having on a TV commercial for a hair conditioner brand, you’re probably much happier if you know that the product actually does its job and isn’t just hype. Well when it comes to Wen you can actually take their word for it that it does improve your hair. But if you want to take someone else’s, you might want to know what this user had said at Bustle.com.

In her experience, WEN by Chaz did help her normally frizzy and greasy hair feel smoother and softer. Also she mentions that you don’t have to worry about losing strands when using it, and if you want a product that can give you confidence while at work or spending a night on the town, WEN by Chaz can definitely do that for you. The only downside she mentions is that it’s best for users who plan to shower and use the conditioner every day as opposed to those who like skipping days.

The founder of WEN is Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, a photography enthusiast who also loves turning hair into a beauty to behold. He pursued his passion for hairstyling at a cosmetology school in Los Angeles and experimented with different hair conditioner products in order to create something new and unique. Soon he had patented what he deemed the perfect shampoo and conditioner combination and began using it at a salon he opened. Today the salon serves some famous celebrity clients.

WEN by Chaz is primarily sold online via Wen.com, but if you have a Sephora or other authorized retailer in your area you can purchase the products there as well. All products are made from natural oils and nutrients and come in three scents of lavender, pomegranate and sweet almond mint. You can buy WEN by Chaz in the basic kit if you only need the shampoo, conditioner and mousse, but if you also want the gloss and mist you can get the deluxe kit.

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