The Truth Behind FreedomPop and its Services Offered

Typically, when we receive a free offer, our first response is to ask “what’s the catch?” Often times, it’s rare to find a product or service that is offered for free without any contingencies or backlash whatsoever. However, a company named FreedomPop has attempted to defy all odds and offer a limited mobile service that users can enjoy without spending a penny. Peaking our curiosity, we’ve compiled this FreedomPop review and overview article to catch you up to speed.


More specifically, the cell phone carrier offers up to 500 MB of 4G data, 200 minutes of voice and unlimited text messaging on its free tier plan.


However, it should be noted that the company also does offer a number of paid cell phone service plans for those who are interested in using more of the network throughout the month. Some of these plans include:


$5 Per Month Plan (Wi-Fi Cell Phone Service)$10.99 Per Month Plan (Unlimited Talk and Text, 500MB of Data)$20 Per Month Plan (Unlimited Talk and Text, 1GB of 4g Data)

  • $5 Per Month Plan (Wi-Fi Cell Phone Service) – for a mere five dollars per month, an individual can use unlimited voice, text, and data when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • $10.99 Per Month Plan (Unlimited Talk and Text, 500MB of Data) – users can talk on the phone as long as they want and send as many text messages as they like while they’re on the go, without it eating up their data bandwidth.
  • $20 Per Month Plan (Unlimited Talk and Text, 1GB of 4g Data) – if 500 MB of data is not enough for you, you may want to consider the $20 per month plan, offering 1 GB of data for you to enjoy on 4G. However, if you surpassed the 1 GB of data, your data speed will be reduced to 3G speeds but you have unlimited data. In essence, this plan offers virtually unlimited everything at an affordable rate.


FreedomPop allows users to bring their own device or offers the option of purchasing a new cellular device when entering their network. Due to the fact that all mobile plans are offered without any commitments, users who are interested in purchasing a new mobile phone must pay the entire price up front.


Overall, users who are interested in a truly free mobile network, FreedomPop is a no brainer. Due to the fact that users can bring their current mobile phone to this network, there are no long-term commitments, and there are no strings attached, this is a great solution for those who do not frequently use their mobile device. However, for those who consider themselves to be frugal and are looking for a truly limited plan with no commitments, the $20 per month pays you go plan may be something to consider.

IAP Worldwide Services Acquiring Other Companies

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. (IAP) a major player in the logistics field with more than 2,000 employees. The company recently acquired DRS Technologies, Inc. (DRS). DRS is located in Oklahoma City, Ok., IAP also brought under their umbrella the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) business situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. These acquired businesses further the range of IAP’s presence in aircraft repair, engineering information technology, and communication services to the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other agencies being served by IAP. IAP Worldwide has a commitment to expand and to remain as efficient as possible while executing their proven abilities to expand their operations in the world theater of logistics support.

Doug Kitani is the CEO of IAP, and he has expressed satisfaction that his company will continue to remain efficient and to further their growth in the area of logistics around the world.

IAP began its operations in 1953 as Pan Am World Services, Inc. when the company started building and operating America’s first space launch complex base in Cape Canaveral, FL. Since its beginning on the sands of Florida, IAP has merged and acquired with similar businesses until it has arrived on the world stage as a major supplier to military campaigns and to disaster relief programs.

The United States of America has been a constant player on the world stage and must present armies and navies across the globe at a moment’s notice. The U.S. military relies on logistics experts like IAP to have materials, housing, engineering, repair and supplies available immediately. It is necessary for IAP to store and maintain these items and to have them shipped to wherever these supplies and equipment are needed. The inability to deliver needed items could result in the loss of military campaigns and the deaths of countless soldiers and sailors. As long as there are disasters and wars on the planet, there will be the urgent need for companies like IAP to come to the rescue. The efficiency of their operations is critical because, in this case, human lives do hang in the balance.