Serge Belamant- Entrepreneur, Investor and Cofounder of Zilch Technology Limited

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur and an investor from the United Kingdom. He is the cofounder of Zilch Technology limited which is located in the European Union. His residence is however in England, London United Kingdom although he is mostly in the European unions for the purpose of work effectiveness. Others refer to him as Serge Christian Perre Belamant. He was born in France in a town called Tulle. This was back in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three. When he was at the age of fourteen years, he moved from France to south Africa. For more information about Serge, view his Crunchbase profile

However, he was not good at communicating in English since he mostly communicated in French as it’s the mother toughie in France. He was forced to attend a school for him to learn English. serge Belamant then attended Highlands North High School where he was taught to speak in English. While in school, he used to play Chess game and also rugby. Serge Belamant enhanced his skills in the latter as well. In the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-two, he joined Witwatersrand’s university. From the university he studies his degree in engineering. After sometime of earning, he switched his course and began pursuing a course in applied mathematics and computer science. The course did not lime well with his interests and this forced him to again discontinue his program. After he discontinued his course in applied mathematics and computer science, he began pursuing a course in information systems through UNISA.

Currently Serge Belamant holds two jobs, one as the cofounder of Zilch technology limited and the other one as the chief executive officer and chairman of Net1 UEPs Technologies. He was nominated as the chief executive officer of Net1 UEPs Technologies back in the year two thousand and seventeen. In Zilch technology, he began rendering his services in the year two thousand and eighteen. Additionally, he holds two advisor and board member roles. Both at prism group holdings and in Medi kredit Integrated Health solutions. He began the advisor and board member roles back in the year two thousand.

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Malcom CasSelle – Creating the Disruptive Technology for Selling, Buying, and Trading Across Borders

The Internet has changed the world forever. The way that people purchase goods and services online is through digital currency. Digital currency is gaining traction as the medium of exchange to ensure financial transactions. Malcolm, CasSelle, creator of WAX, envisions and promotes the useful benefits of cryptocurrency as both a medium of exchange and as a business itself.

Worldwide Asset eXchange and OPSkins are two of his disruptive business creations. OPSkins is the number one Internet source for buying and selling online video game items. It is also the source for the most used blockchain activity for eCommerce. CasSelle’s education is just as impressive as his business accomplishments. He earned both an MIT and Stanford University degree in Computer Science. His business acumen also enables him to raise billions for investment causes.

WAX earns its reputation as being the most convenient way to sell, trade, and buy virtual items to anyone around the world. As it stands, hundreds of millions of people trade, buy, and sell digital items. However, those who trade are still limited by restrictions of digital ownership. Malcolm CasSelle and WAX intend to change the way business conducts itself and consumers define ownership. As such, his company will provide an entire set of tools, based on blockchain technology,to facilitate virtual trades.

This will allow anyone to trade both virtual and physical items instantaneously in a completely secure manner anywhere in the world. CasSelle was an early-stage investor in Facebook, and he currently invests in companies within the Bitcoin space. CasSelle is an excellent example of what happens when education, vision, and drive meet opportunity.

Blockchain technology is the key that can solve to many fundamental issues that deal with transactions occuring across borders. It is an innovation whose time has come. CasSelle had the right knowledge and vision at exactly the right time. This is often the case with many innovators and industry disruptors.

Guilherme Paulus Corrects The Disparities Of Brazil

In Brazil, there is no shortage of cultural diversity. This is the place that is known for such a thing. The past 500 years has brought the arrival of people from all over the world to the land that is within the current political borders of Brazil. It is even more of a melting pot than the United States when talking about all of the people who live within the country. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade, voluntary immigration and the presence of large numbers of natives have created this social environment. Like many other Latin American countries, there is a large of population of people who have ancestry from more than one continent. However, there are also populations of people who are, more or less, purely one race. There is a very noticeable difference in racial makeup when it comes to different parts of the country. The south of the country tends to be whiter, and many towns and cities look European when it comes to architecture. The north of the country tends to have non-European groups of people with darker skin.

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It just so happens that the regions of the country with darker-skinned people are also the regions with the highest rates of poverty, while the regions with larger populations of whiter people have the lowest rates of poverty. This can be attributed to the conditions under which people’s ancestors came to Brazil. People who have browner and darker skin tend to be descended from historically marginalized groups, such as Africans and Amerindians.

CVC, the business that Guilherme Paulus runs, attempts to correct social disparities in Brazil by building more facilities so that more jobs can be created for Brazilians. He is the co-founder and chairman of CVC. Guilherme Paulus knows that there is a need for suitable job opportunities because he is attuned to the problems of the country. As a native-born Brazilian, Guilherme Paulus does not have his head in the sand when it comes to his country’s problems. As people like Guilherme Paulus work hard to develop Brazil, the country is moving past its disparities and tough history of social inequality.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd – The Tech Investor behind the Dating App Bumble and Women Entrepreneurs Empowerment

Whitney Wolfe Herd – The Tech Investor behind the Dating App Bumble and Women Entrepreneurs Empowerment

Technological advancements have evolved arguably every aspect of human lives. Entrepreneurial focus, for instance, has changed basing on these advancements. InfoTech has globalized the world and has become one of the most lucrative investment areas for entrepreneurs. Whitney Wolfe Herd is among these entrepreneurs. The 29-year old Forbes List Millionaire is a champion in the business world through her women empowerment approaches and tech investment skills.

Born in 1989, Wolfe Herd runs one of the most popular dating app based on the number of monthly users – Bumble. She jointly founded the platform with Badoo Founder Andrey Andreev in 2014. Even though Andreev’s company owns a majority share of Bumble, it is Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd that popularized the app among college users and feminists. Now, the app has at least 22 million registered members after four years of its foundation. More about of Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia.

Whitney Wolfe Herd might be famous for her role as the CEO of Bumble, but she began her career in tech investment with the world’s most popular dating app – Tinder. Various resources credit the then Marketing VP for Tinder Wolfe Nerd as the mastermind behind Tinder’s name. She was in college and helped raise the influence of Tinder among college students, leading to the popularity of the app. However, tension build-ups with colleague executives led to her departure from Tinder in 2014. Her departure from Tinder saw Wolfe Herd leave with over 1 million dollars as legal settlement for sexual harassment from Tinder besides her share in the company.

After leaving Tinder, and with executive skills and technological experience, Whitney Wolfe Herd was ripe to start a dating app – Bumble. She has now grown the app into a 1 billion dollar worth according to Forbes. Her executive roles have made the International Studies graduate from Southern Methodist University receive several awards and recognition. She has been named 2016 Elle’s Women in Tech and the 2014 thirty most popular women under thirty by Business Insider. She has as well featured in Forbes and The Times.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is also an outspoken empower of female founders. She launched the Bumble Fund to support female entrepreneurs. Her dating app also gives females more control as compared to previous apps, and her company’s leadership embraces women empowerment.

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Vijay Eswaran Uses his Success in Business to Mentor Prospects

When Forbes Magazine named Vijay Eswaran the most successful and influential philanthropist of the year, it was based on his input in people’s lives. This award is mostly conferred to individuals who have impacted the society in a way that most individuals have admired and perhaps benefitted from it. As successful as he seems, there is more to dig up on his background and his successful journey to entrepreneurship.

Growing up, Vijay Eswaran spent most of his time with his father who was a generous breadwinner and a dedicated disciplinarian. He was, however, expected to work hard as well. That is how he managed to attend the good schools in the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America.

Eswaran learned about the binary system business when he was still in the United Kingdom. In fact, he wanted to be better at it. Therefore, he enrolled at CIMA and earned professional qualifications. He even went to the Southern Illinois University and earned an MBA. Well, after school, Eswaran would land jobs in different companies including IBM. It was after working for that specific company that he decided to try other ventures as well. The fact that IBM could poach him was motivational enough to make him developed some passion for other explorations.

After working for those companies and venturing into multilevel marketing in one of them, he found it necessary to move back to his native land, Malaysia and start a business there. That is how he established QI Group. This company is a major conglomerate of different businesses in one unit. These units are found in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand as well as the Philippines. Moreover, the companies offer a range of services including entrepreneurship, the enhancement of urban lifestyles, education reforms, and the global expansion of businesses alongside providing tactical investments.

Currently, Vijay Eswaran is dedicated to making sure that his career helps others by giving them hope. That is why he is now a motivational speaker and an author. With these two platforms, he has been able to empower many youths. He even owns a book in which he discusses his life and the effort it took for him to accomplish the much he has accomplished. In Two Minutes from the Abyss, he explains that it is critical for entrepreneurs to serve their clients before anything else. That way, they will always be assured of making more profits.

Democratic Ideals That George Soros Supports

George Soros aged 84 years, is the manager of New York Hedge Fund, and the Founder of the Open Society Foundations. According to Forbes, he is worth $25.2 billion in assets and a personal fortune worth about $13 billion. This is where he derives his influence from that he uses to promote democratic ideals, despite not being a politician.Soros, a liberal has tried to reconfigure the politics in several countries, especially in the United States, as way back in 2004, when he funded $27 billion to campaigns against the George Bush reign. According to an article on Politico, he has made a comeback as seen in his recent engagement in the Hillary Clinton’s campaign and other Democrats, where he invested heavily on unlike previous campaigns.

One may wonder why such a prominent business mogul would spend his fortune on funding political campaigns. The reason is that Soros is passionate about reforming the democratic systems, especially breaking dictatorial regimes. In addition, he tends to differ with Trump regarding economic policies.This is of great concern to him as an international investor, and his ability to predict financial disaster as indicated in the article on Politico. Moreover, this is not the first time he is supporting Hillary Clinton as their friendship is more than 25 years, and the two tend to have similar concepts on foreign policies.Soros was born during the Nazi regime and was lucky to survive by migrating to England, where he educated himself at the London School of Economics. This explains why he has vast knowledge in the field of economics and his success in the Hedge Fund. His success has been a long journey having served as a waiter and porter before joining the finance sector. It’s from here that his dedication and resilience propelled him to higher managerial levels, such as vice president despite his humble beginning.

Soros has a great desire to change the world, which is the reason he indulges in funding social concerns. Indeed money makes the world go round, as with his wealth, thousands of lives have been transformed. Having been born during the Nazi rule and coming from a humble background makes him understand what it means to be poor. As a result, he believes he has a duty to the society by giving back. This is made possible through the Open Society Foundation and the Soros Foundation that donates more than $8 billion to social causes in education, humanitarian, and health sectors.In the 90’s, Soros supported Yugoslavians during wartime by donating millions for relief efforts. In addition, he has supported social causes against discrimination of Muslims in Europe and early 2016; he donated $5 million to UNICEF and $ 4 million to the University of Connecticut’s Human Rights Institute.

Sweetgreen and its Co-Founder Nathaniel Ru

The high-end salad chain, Sweetgreen, is a brand that is being created to stand for something says co-Founder and co-CEO Nathaniel Ru. “We want to feed more people better food.” Big-name investors such as Danny Meyer, Steve Case and Daniel Boulud back the high-end salad chain. Sweetgreen provides people with local, organic, fresh and healthy salads that have been a big hit with customers, causing endless lines at the dozens of locations already open. Learn more:


The co-CEOs want the Sweetgreen to have a strong emphasis on technology, demonstrated by 30% of all the company’s transactions are made through its website or mobile app. Their management approach is also novel, with their corporate office being shut down five times a year so that all of the corporate employees can go work at one of the restaurants and interact with their customer base. Sweetgreen also lacks a corporate headquarters as the co-CEOS are bicoastal, allowing them to strive for national growth. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru’s co-CEOs, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, went to Georgetown University, where the met in an entrepreneurship class. Nathaniel Ru himself is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with a Bachelors of Science in Finance. The felt that Georgetown and the surrounding area needed healthy eating locations, and so they made that their focus when in August 2007, right after they graduated, they opened up their first restaurant. They knew they would make as a company when they survived the first winter lull created by Georgetown University’s winter break. The other big thing that the three share is they all have parents who are first-generation immigrants who started their own businesses.


Sweetgreen produce comes from local farms and is delivered every morning. Their salad dressings are made from scratch daily. Food preparation is done in open kitchens so you can see the ingredients and know what you are eating. They want to show their customers how they do it instead of telling them.


Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders launched a music festival in 2010 called sweetlife. Celebrating food, music and the community are the goals of the sweetlife festival. Headliners include Avicii, Lana Del Rey, Calvin Harris, Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar. Instead of a large festival this year, they will be hosting sweetlife experiences around the nation to capture the essence of sweetlife in an environment that is closer to the community.

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