How to Achieve Success Inspired by Dr. Mark McKenna

One of the factors that lead to success in business is the right timing. It helps in managing risks depending on the prevailing conditions in the market. Dr. Mark McKenna is a certified surgeon. Having grown up in the medical field, where his father is a surgeon as well makes him a competent doctor. He studied at Tulane University Medical School.

Despite the professionalism of Dr. Mark McKenna, his passion lied in real estate. He, therefore, dropped medicine and ventured in real estate, where he began McKenna Venture Investments. Unfortunately, he was a victim of massive property destruction of the Hurricane Katrina. Having nothing left to save the business, he moved to his second love: medicine. In 2007, he began ShapeMed in Atlanta. Currently, he is working at OVME that he began ten years after ShapeMed.

OVME is pronounced as ‘’of me’’, it is meant to show the transformation that the services give the client. Through creativity, he has been able to differentiate his brand in the crowded market. OVME is meant to give the patients a chance receive aesthetics treatment in a less formal setting. They are beginning a program that will send their service providers to their clients. He says in lame man’s language, it’s like Uber only that the services offered are aesthetics.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that one strategy that has improved his business is associating with intelligent minds. He says despite being a successful investor, it is essential to engage with people who continually challenge your thinking. To him, these individuals are his employees, and they have enabled him to make informative decisions in his firm.

One attributes that have influenced his productivity is reading. He says that he is a passionate reader. Dr. Mark McKenna explains that there is a lot of knowledge hidden in books. To open up his mind, he reads even books that are not related to the medical field.

He says he brings his ideas to life through visualization. He says that when you imagine things you don’t cease to work until you achieve them. This is why his favorite book is ‘’Think and Grow Rich’’.It unleashes the power of visualization.