EOS’ Road to Success Revealed

In the developing years of the Evolution of Smooth, founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller made a conscious decision to remain distant from the spotlight. Despite their incredible popularity, EOS understood that focusing on product development, manufacturing and sales was most important. The founders’ dedication has paid off as the company has become the second leading seller of lip balm in the United States. In fact, EOS has grown from a startup into a $250 million company. In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, EOS (evolutionofsmooth.ca) founders revealed the steps taken to achieve their worldly success.

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller had previous experience in packaged-food sales and startup incubators respectively. These entrepreneurs decided to start a business in the stagnant lip balm market. More specifically, Mehra and Teller understood that a revolutionary product would prove successful in this archaic market. The Evolution of Smooth was created to cater products to women in particular. This demographic made up a majority of lip balm sales overall. In order to successfully market their product, EOS lip balm designed a product that would appeal to all five senses. The aesthetic, orb shape lip balm felt satisfying to use and looked fashionable. Also, EOS developed several different flavors and colors to choose from.

After successfully creating a revolutionary product, EOS focused on putting their lip balm in stores. They approached major retailers and were denied time and time again. Finally, a female buyer at Walgreens agreed to sell EOS lip balm. Online merchant Amazon.com and several major retailers such as Walmart and Target made large purchase orders after the success at Walgreens. Next, EOS founders channelled all of their effort and energy into advertising. They worked with social media influencers to promote their new product. Furthermore, EOS partnered with major stars such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.


Follow Your Dreams: The Queen of Unicorns Did!

Do you believe in your dreams? Some of them may seem far-fetched, but Doe Deere never once gave up on her dreams. So, which dream did she fulfill, exactly? It was to be the owner of a popular and innovative makeup line known as Lime Crime.



Doe Deere, also known by her fans as the “Queen of Unicorns” certainly sets the ideal image of one. Whether she is sporting her purple hair or pink hair, she is truly from another land of beauty and, quite possibly, majestic creatures.



Her belief in following your dreams stems from the very beginning, where she was brought up in Russia. Later on, she moved to New York City. Then she chose Los Angeles as her home.



Believe it or not, the Queen of Unicorns always was imaginative and ambitious. However, as she says in an interview, “I don’t think, especially as a child, you always dream big.” These are truly wise words; when we are children, we have an ideal dream path in mind, but we don’t always follow them. Additionally, Doe Deere’s biggest dream was actually to become a musician, which is why she moved to New York.



Soon enough, she ended up pursuing makeup, which was another field right up her alley. To describe her makeup line, it is truly unlike any other out there. With a variety of different lip glosses (some in which appear to give diamonds on them when applied), eyeshadows, and other favorite cosmetics, she is not stopping anytime soon.



Her style is quite representative in her Lime Crime line. With gorgeous bold colors, shimmering touches, and fantasy-induces touches, Doe Deere has truly become a great success in the beauty world. Besides, she dresses how she pleases, wears whatever hair color she feels the need to, and can rock any Lime Crime product.



Doe Deere has created something revolutionary which is a staple for nearly every girl’s cosmetic bag. Take a look at Lime Crime and discover the magic as well as the unbelievable beauty cosmetics you can wear. You could be a queen of unicorns yourself!


Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Colorful, Courageous Inspiration

Doe Deere continues to sit pretty as her famous makeup brand soars to new heights.

Lime Crime is modern makeup for forward beauty thinkers, female and male, and that’s the mission of Lime Crime. The CEO and founder told IdeaMensch that cosmetics can certainly enhance one’s attractiveness, but it also importantly offers self-expression and empowerment.

The now lavender haired beauty launched Lime Crime in 2008, unsure if people would understand her love of brightly colored, fun makeup that turns heads. She had noticed that makeup like the kind she now creates didn’t exist in much variety, even in a city the size of New York. That’s when she dove head first into the super competitive world of beauty and has never looked back.

Today, 2.8 million people follow Lime Crime on Instagram, and the company has become a social media darling. Doe Deere believes that you can build a brand on e-commerce when you understand your customer and what you’re really selling. Online shopping is quick, convenient, fully stocked and exactly what the shopper is looking for.

Doe Deere maintains a major presence in the day to day happenings of her makeup company, now based in Los Angeles. She meets with a chemist in the lab, participates in meetings and tests all the new Lime Crime lipsticks, shadows and items they sell. If a product is sub-par, it will never make it to store shelves.

Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/doe-deere

Doe Deere wears bold, sexy makeup from her own line, so she makes sure it’s living up to its hype. The makeup she adores is right in your face with zero apologies. Lipstick takes the shades of blue, green, yellow, orange or red, for example and then gets turned up to the nth degree. This makeup is edgy and naughty, and it looks nothing like the boring beige traditional palettes the beauty industry has forced women to wear for decades.

Doe Deere had a dream and is now living it. She has inspired many young women and men in the pursuit of happiness, achieving out of reach goals and never giving up. She was recently honored as one of Self-Made magazine’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Doe Deere also graced the cover with business titans Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington and was blown away by this beautiful recognition.

Doe Deere’s simple advice: Be brave, defy expectations.

That’s what Lime Crime’s strong colorful makeup exudes.