Rocketship Education’s Unique Mission

How can American schools be better? Well, there’s no simple answer. After all, the issues that plague so many schools in this country are complicated and nuanced. Solving them isn’t easy, but one group of charter schools is taking an important step. Rocketship Education, an organization of charter schools in some underserved parts of the country, is pushing forth a new emphasis on the start of the new year. With the start of 2018, Rocketship Education and its educators are doing their best to help students start the new year off right. When students fall behind in their coursework, their engagement drops like a rock. This makes sense. After all, what is more discouraging than feeling like catching up is impossible? Rocketship Education is trying to guide students back into control by helping them develop new study strategies, including time management. By engaging students, this process will help in the long run. When students are actively involved in their own education process, they work harder, think harder, and practice harder. The net result is certainly good, and Rocketship is doing a great thing by giving their students another chance to show off their talents and abilities.

Rocketship Education is a group of charter schools that works in poorer parts of the country. Rocketship has schools in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Washington D.C, and Nashville. The organization’s vision, as listed on their official site, is to eliminate the “achievement gap.” While this is an ambitious task, Rocketship intends to help lower this gap by offering education that taps into the talents and, sometimes hidden, abilities of students in lower-income areas. By illuminating students’ individualities and giving them a chance to use creative problem solving and authentic thinking, Rocketship provides a genuinely unique educational experience to those who attend. But Rocketship also embraces the practical, and their belief is that Rocketship Schools are a sustainable educational model that will make a significant impact in lower-income areas. Rocketship aims towards a community-wide effort, and they have a clear dedication to involving parents in the education process. Rocketship desires a holistic, community effort towards bettering youth, and so far, they are succeeding.