Why Jacob Gottlieb is Considered Successful

Jacob Gottlieb is an entrepreneur who is responsible for creating several businesses throughout his career. Gottlieb created Altium Capital in June of 2018. Altium Capital is an investment fund who focuses on growing companies that works in the healthcare industry. Altium Capital works out of New York City to find the growing companies who are making advances in medical treatments. Gottlieb was able to use Altium Capital to make its’ first investment in Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP). Oramed was appealing to Altium Capital because Oramed was working on an alternative treatment for diabetes that could be taken orally. Before there was an Altium Capital, the year was 2005 when Gottlieb created a hedge fund called Visium Asset Management. The hedge fund would grow to $8 billion.

Gottlieb earned a degree in Economics from Brown University and he studied medicine at New York University Medical School. There are other credentials held by Gottlieb such as becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in 2001. His expertise has led him Altium Capital to make a 9.81 percent investment stake in a company called Sellas Life Sciences. Sellas Life Sciences are making advances in cancer immunotherapy that will help find cancer. It got the attention of many investors with the use of drugs that help fight triple negative breast cancer. The triple negative breast cancer is considered to be very aggressive and can spread rapidly. Altium Capital also made an investment in companies such as Amarin and Orgenics, Ltd.

Gottlieb is an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist. As a philanthropist, Gottlieb focus on the education of the youth. He has been responsible for raising millions of dollars for philanthropic projects that involved the East Harlem Tutorial Program, New Yorkers for Children, and several other organizations. Gottlieb also contributed time to help non-profit organizations.

Matthew Fleeger Has Found Success By Using His Father’s Accomplishments As His Inspiration:

Success has always followed Matthew Fleeger everywhere he has gone through his long and storied entrepreneurial career. Perhaps his two biggest accomplishments have been the founding of his own successful company called MedSolutions in 1993 before eventually coming back to his family roots. 2007 saw him assume the leadership reins at the oil company Gulf Coast Western, an operation that was founded in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger’s father. Over his many business ventures, Matthew Fleeger has always looked to pick up new knowledge in every work experience that he has had. This has helped to mold him into a leader that is truly worthy of respect and admiration.

Matthew Fleeger attained his college education at Southern Methodist. During this time period he studied the areas of marketing and finance and upon his graduation he immersed himself into the world of business, taking his father’s accomplishments in entrepreneurship as his inspiration and motivation. He found himself involved in a number of executive positions and his ambition eventually led to the founding of MedSolutions. Matthew Fleeger would build the company up over the subsequent fourteen years, serving as its President and CEO. When he finally sold the outfit, he returned to his roots by taking over the CEO position at Gulf Coast Western.

These days, Matthew Fleeger finds himself busy as both a businessman and a father. His typical day involves spending time with his kids in the morning before they go off to school. From that point, he starts formulating his list of tasks for the day in order to help him accomplish the things that need to be done on that particular day. He feels that the constant growth and development of technology is a trend that continues to allow him to succeed further in his business development. This all seems to be paying off quite well as Gulf Coast Western has been seeing some amazing success since Matthew Fleeger took the reins of the company.

The Lessons Learned from The Papa John’s Incident Through The Guidance of Steve Ritchie

A CEO has to understand all the nooks and corners of its organization and has to own up to the mistakes that its company has made. It’s easy to assume that CEOs are not accountable to their actions, but in reality, they are. This is exactly the case that people can observe with how Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie is apologizing for the overlooked duties that the company rendered to its customers.

In an article from Inc.com, it is revealed that Papa John’s is now in the process of getting an expert auditor to help run its company culture and take a sweep at the wrong things that have been happening in the company. The previous leadership of Papa John had been quite a challenge for new Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie. But with the kind of dedication that he has in the management of Papa John’s, it’s not hard that he would be able to deal with the company’s setbacks. In fact, it is now his main strategy to clear up the bad image of Papa John’s.

According to Bloomberg, Steve Ritchie is now working hard to rebuild the image that Papa John has. Papa John’s image is a corporation with about 120,000 companies already, with franchise team members scattered all over the world. It is now working on better service and it is now in the right track in doing so under Steve Ritchie’s lead.

The recent faux pax in the management of Papa John’s also indicates that the company will make sure that something like that won’t happen again. With Steve Ritchie Papa Johns under control, a mess like that would be something one can learn from and from which the company can grow stronger. This is a big positive step to the improvement of Papa John’s.

This is also a big step towards achieving the kind of work that would define what it means to be a good CEO in a pizza store so respected by many. The new challenges in scaling up the company would still be a great addition to what Papa John’s would still experience in the future. But with the kind of accountability that Papa John’s recently showed from the incident, it’s clear that the company will still grow even more responsible.

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Jose Hawilla: Finding Fortune in the Sports Marketing Industry

The Traffic Group is one of the largest sports marketing conglomerate in the world today. The company mainly operates in Brazil, but they managed to acquire smaller broadcasting firms from North America to Europe. The founder of the company, Jose Hawilla, has expressed his dream for the company to become a distinguished global sports marketer.



As a child, Jose Hawilla really wanted to become an athlete. He is fascinated every time he watches a sports event on the television, and he expressed his willingness to become an athlete to his parents. They objected to his plans, and advised him to continue his studies instead because it is more important. After he finished studying, Jose Hawilla looked for a job that matches his interest. He became a sports broadcaster in his younger years, and he revealed that the reason why he chose to become one is because he never achieved his dream of being an athlete. For Jose Hawilla, it is the nearest thing on being an athlete, and whenever he is broadcasting, he felt like he have achieved his dream. Check out wikipedia.org




In 1980, an opportunity for Hawilla to build a company came. He named his company as the Traffic Group, and his business focused entirely on sports marketing. He would promote local and international sporting events, inviting spectators from around the world to watch the event live. When an event is held in Brazil, Jose Hawilla is making sure that he exerts more effort and he formulates his own marketing strategy on how to invite more people to watch the event. Most of the time, the Brazilian government is teaming with Jose Hawilla to promote the games held within Brazil.




During the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, Jose Hawilla’s company participated in the marketing efforts. He is responsible for spreading the information about the games, and marketed it extensively across the globe. Because of his hard work, many people have come to Brazil to experience its culture and to watch the sports event. Jose Hawilla stated that his company would continue to invest in he sports marketing industry because of its endless potential.


Click here: http://g1.globo.com/sao-paulo/sao-jose-do-rio-preto-aracatuba/noticia/2012/05/j-hawilla-da-dicas-para-jovens-e-empreendedores-em-rio-preto-sp.html

Sawyer Howitt’s Updates On Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt loves the game of racquetball along with many other passions. Howitt is already involved in business at his father’s company the Meriwether Group where he hopes to impress future employers with his talents as a project manager. But he has a keen love for racquetball because it’s not your usual sport with basic ball-handling skills. It’s a sport that takes an extra level of concentration whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor due to all the walls and corners the ball can bounce off of. Howitt began playing this sport at a young age and has continued on through high school.

Howitt is listed in USA Racquetball’s statistics page from having competed in various tournaments from amateur youth level to state high school. In both 2015 and 2016 he competed in the state finals though he lost in close matches in both of them. But he’s still looked at as having high potential, and you can find Howitt practicing his game at The Racquet Club, Portland. He’s also on WordPress and has given tips to other racquetball blogs on how you can improve your game and possibly become a professional one day.

Part of Howitt’s advice includes learning all the intricacies of racquetball’s moves and mastering the serve and reading ball bounces. Sawyer Howitt says it can take a great deal of reading books, watching videos and conducting other research because the game takes more time to learn. But most of all Howitt says your coach is the most important person in this because they’ll be the person who can push you to success more so than yourself. Howitt will be attending UC Berkley in the fall of 2017, but he’ll continue to be active in racquetball as a student. He also has profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital Helps Mindstrong Health To Raise $14 Million

Recently, Mindstrong Health, a startup that uses new technology to enhance the treatment of neurological disorders, announced that it had secured $14 million in a series A round of funding. Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and Berggruen Holdings played a pivotal role in facilitating the funding process.

Its artificial-intelligence powered platform seeks to monitor patterns of interaction on smartphone devices, thus be able to measure brain functions. The firm’s platform intends to offer constant digital biomarkers of mood and cognition.

According to Mindstrong, their technology includes processing speed, memory, attention, and executive function.

Paul Dagun, the CEO of Mindstrong Health, notes that the entire modern medicine is based on objective measurement. However, monitoring of mental health has been restricted to subjective reports in a clinical setting. To enhance the results of people with mental disorders, objective measure is needed just like in the cases of diabetes and other chronic diseases. The firm’s technology delivers continuous and objective measures of behavior and cognition at an unprecedented level of resolution and insight.

Mindstrong has created an innovative platform, which uses patient’s pattern of typing and scrolling on a smartphone to measure his or her brain function. The new assessment approach is powerful and serves as the basis for creating better inventions to enhance mental health care. Mental disorders are global health concerns. Mindstrong Health’s president and co-founder, Dr. Tom Insel, posits that through the use of smartphones, there is potential solution to the problem.

The company’s seeks to enable people to comprehend the serious challenges surrounding the way people suffering from cognitive health disorders are catered for. Paul, Tom, and Rick’s combined experience and technical vision offers an innovative platform for the company to develop innovative products and services. Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital notes that the platform modernizes and broadly improves the way that health care is offered. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tanabaum is the brain behind the success of Foresite Capital. He graduated from Harvard University with an MD and holds an MBA from the revered Harvard Business School. In addition, Jim Tananbaum has a B.S. and B.S.E.E. from Yale University.

Jim Tananbaum has headed investment practices in different companies, including Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Prior to working for Foresite Capital Management, Jim worked for GelTex Pharmaceuticals. Notably, he was named in Forbes’ Midas List 2017.

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Brad Reifler, a strong investor and entrepreneur

Brad Reifler is one of America’s strongest and brightest entrepreneurs. He has launched numerous companies in the United States. Brad Reifler’s entrepreneurial career began in the 1980s, when he launched Reifler Trading Company. The trading company handled more than hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and later dealt with institutional research. Reifler sold the growing company in 2000. Reifler received a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College.

Brad Reifler also founded Pali Capital in 1995, which focused strictly in equity markets. During Brad Reifler’s time as CEO of Pali, the company raked in over $1 billion commission income and hired more than 300 people and had offices in four continents. Brad Reifler is currently active with Forefront Capital, where he currently serves as founder and CEO. The group was started in 2009.

Forefront has gained the attention of members Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street executives. Reifler connects asset managers to institutional investors giving them expert investment advice and consultancy.

Bloomberg also reported that Brad Reifler has become a leading expert on the bitcoin revolution and has offered his views on several news programs on cable including MSNBC. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler offers small tidbits of investment knowledge through his Twitter account, which has 69 followers but continues to gain likes and followers each day.

Reifler serves on the board of several companies including ITG Market Research Inc., Root Markets, Inc., ROOT Exchange, Symmetry Property Development and Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp.

Brad continues to be a strong investment leader in the country and continues to help executives invest wisely and give them the tools needed to bring back large returns on their investments. Reifler works day and night keeping Forefront strong, and continues to watch it grow. Reifler has spent years gaining investment knowledge from hundreds of resources.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/brad-reifler-forefront-capital-advisors-ceo-announces-new-partnership-with-easter-seals-2104550.htm