Eos lip balm beauty review

Evolution of smooth (EOS) is a commonly known lip balm that comes in a rainbow of different colors and succulent flavors. Ranging from strawberry to honey suckle you just can’t get enough. From the unique shape and adorable size, its perfect the fit for your travel size make up bag, office drawer, or in your pocket. However, what makes EOS stand above the rest is its flat bottom that helps it stand straight up. Furthermore, you won’t finding rolling around everywhere like a bowling ball. This little cutie is perfect for anyone looking for natural eco-friendly ingredients. Being 95 percent organic and 100 percent natural it stumps any other lip balm that has petroleum or parabens. With the help of shea-butter and soothing oils, its packed with vitamin E that leaves the lips feeling delicately soft. The vitamin E helps to penetrate the lower layer of chapped lips and deposits a hydrating coating to moisturize the top layer. Many of the lip balms carry SPF for instant lip protection. Perfect for any day in the sun without worrying about over exposure from ultraviolet rays. Best of all the flavoring itself doesn’t irritate or leaves a burning sensation from harsh chemicals. Perfect definition of evolution of smooth that leaves a subtle taste and revitalized lips.

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