Glenn Beck’s Absurd Smear Campaign Against George Soros

The Harbinger Of Hysteria
Glenn Beck has made a name for himself in the media for his many efforts to promote a zany but popular sort of anti-establishment conservatism on A darling of the Tea Party his often absurd epiphanies spread quickly and his fans believe them dearly. Recently Glenn Beck has made hedge fund manager George Soros a target of numerous fiery attacks. In the world according to Beck Soros is a cackling villain who dreams of unifying the world in order to dominate it. Through his frequent thinly veiled antisemitic rants Beck paradoxically accuses George Soros of both greed and communism.

The Man Behind It All
As a successful hedge fund manager working in international finance with a Jewish background George Soros is obviously a target of white nationalists and other anti-semites who seek a bogeyman to rally against. While Glenn Beck is not necessarily himself a clear white nationalist his rhetoric does appeal to them. Beck views Soros as the main figure behind globalization. In Beck’s view Soros plans to unite the world and then use his influence to dominate the world economy.

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The Honest Truth
The assertions Glenn Beck makes are as false as they are absurd. Beck is seemingly unaware of the consistently anticommunist record of George Soros. While Glenn Beck criticized Soros for his backing of assorted revolutions throughout eastern Europe despite the motivations for these revolutions. These revolutions created democratically elected leadership and free markets of the kind conservatives usually favor. Even more bizarre is Beck’s efforts to claim that George Soros was a participant in the Holocaust. That sort of bizarre thinking goes beyond the limits of most contemporary anti-semites into an reserved for obsolete medieval phobias.

Playing Down The Rhetoric
The inflammatory lies of Glenn Beck are often dismissed by his colleagues. They see him as nothing more than a joke or an entertainer. The real life consequences of the false world he presents to his audience is too easily dismissed. When Glenn Beck rails against globalization on and accuses the finance industry of bringing about one world order there are serious consequences. Conspiracy theories are legitimized and xenophobes are welcomed into the mainstream.