Robert Ivy: Architect Garners Lifetime Achievment Award

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award honors living artists or patrons of the arts who have a significant connection to Mississippi. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters recently honored Robert Ivy with that award. Making the honor just a bit sweeter is the fact that Robert Ivy is the first and only architect honored with Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The honor establishes Ivy in good company, as previous award winners include Pulitzer Prize winner Eudora Welty, highly regarded actor Morgan Freeman, famed singer Leontyne Price, Civil War historian Shelby Foote, and artist Walter Anderson. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

Ivy has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in Architecture. He served as a juror on the panel which settled on Frank Gehry to design the Eisenhower Memorial. For a 15-year period in the 1980s and 1990s, he was a principal at the architectural firm of Dean, Dale, Dean, and Ivy, during which time he also contributed as an architectural critic for a variety of national publications.

In 1996 Ivy became editor of the Architectural Record and went on to become Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, of which Architectural Record was one of a variety of publications. Then in 2011, Robert Ivy became president of America’s premier architectural body, the American Institute of Architects (the AIA).

During his time as CEO of the AIA, Robert Ivy has earned high praise from his peers. Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity, has honored him as a Master Architect, an honor also bestowed on such giants of architecture as Mies van der Rohe, I.M. Pei, and Richard Buckminster Fuller. In 2009 Ivy received the Crain Award, which is the highest award the American Business Media bestows on any individual. In 2017 Robert was honored with the Dean’s Medal from the Arkansas University’s Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Today Robert Ivy continues to serve as the CEO of the AIA, and his contributions to the architecture and business communities continue.

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Robert Ivy Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Since the year 2011, Robert Ivy represents the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer. Ivy has the skillfulness to run the institution towards the future of success. Ivy’s mission is to educate the audience about architecture and support the professional architecture. The CEO got honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as the first architect. The honor recognized Ivy through his progressive improvement and Mississippian. The award also recognizes other Mississippians from the Mississippi-connect artists and art patrons. This group of artists serves by performing, creating, and supporting art.

Robert Ivy entered in the list of other Mississippians who got the honor of the same caliber. The few other awardees from Mississippi are Morgan Freeman, and Walter Anderson. As an author, writer, and commentator in the architectural field, Ivy took his rightful position in the list of the honorees of the Noel Polk Lifetime Award,” said the MIAL President, Nancy LaForge. “Ivy should be the ambassador of AIA for our mission as a practicing editor, author, and artist,” said the AIA President, Carl Elefante. It is about the commitment and professional achievement that Ivy got appointed for the award. “On behalf of the AIA, we congratulate Ivy for his unique achievement,” said the AIA president.

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The AIA CEO performed as the Editor-in-Chief of the McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record before joining the AIA in the year 2011. Under Ivy’s leadership, the record performed enormously well across the globe becoming the most famous architectural journal. The record received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. In China, Robert Ivy opened the McGraw Hill’s design and construction media that maintained a significant exposure. CEO of AIA also came up with the Mandarin Version of Architectural record in the Middle East and China.

Through the visionary leadership of Robert Ivy, the AIA group is at its highest performance level in the 160-year-old history. With the help of the seven global chapters of AIA, Americans can practice architecture across the world. The National Architecture Fraternity awarded Ivy for communicating the values of the design and construction. Therefore, the CEO entered in the list of the Master Architect honorees. Thus, he shares the honor with ionic architects like Mies van der Rohe, Richard Buckminster, and I.M. Pei. Ivy is the only architect to acquire the Noel Polk Award in the fraternity in its 100-year history, and the only architect in the 21st century.

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Actualizing Your Architecture Dream With The American Institute Of Architects

A people united can never be defeated. Professionals in their various fields have embraced this saying and set up professional bodies with the sole purpose of safeguarding their interests. They act as professional organizations that bring together like-minded professionals. In this quest, architects have not been left behind and the American Institute of Architects stands firm to represent them wholly in their profession.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional body for architects in America. It is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1857 by a group of 13 architects with the aim of developing the architectural profession and fostering practical and scientific capabilities of its members. The institution has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. under the able leadership of the CEO Robert Ivy and Thomas V. Vonier, the President. Besides, it is under the governorship of a strong Board of Directors and has an employee base of over 200 workers.

Over time, AIA has worked to support the architecture profession by providing government backing, education, public outreach, and community revitalization. In turn, its efforts have tremendously improved its public figure. Moreover, it has gone an extra mile to partner with other design and construction teams in an effort to bring together the building fraternity.


To date, AIA has a massive following in the country. More than 90,000 licensed architects and other related professionals in America are members of the organization. Moreover, they are a highly disciplined lot who operate under a code of ethics and recommended professional conduct to win the trust of clients, other colleagues, and the public. Besides, it gives special consideration to architecture students by associating them with local and state chapters through student membership.

AIA is the voice of architects. Through the organization, these professionals are able to impact the government practices affecting them and the quality of life in America. Moreover, it plays the role of a watchdog on legislative and regulatory actions and exercises its members’ collective power to engage in decision making. Also, it has community programs aimed at serving the public by designing, developing, and protecting national structures and housing for all citizens.

In line with the profession, AIA runs an honors and awards program for its members. It recognizes both individuals and organizations whose achievements and efforts are outstanding. Hence, if you seek to be an architectural champion, look no further. AIA is an all-around organization for architects seeking excellence and meticulous achievements through this profession.

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