How Bruno Fagali Fights Brazilian Corruption

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney who specializes in fighting corruption. Corruption is a major problem in Brazilian government and business and as such needs dedicated lawyers like Bruno Fagali to stand against it. He has his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, as well as the position of Corporate Integrity Manager at the Brazilian media company new / sb. He is a resident of Sao Paulo and earned his extensive education in this huge city.

As a media company with a large number of contracts with the Brazilian government, new / sb needed to establish a corporate responsibility program that would stop corruption in its tracks at the company. Bob Vieira da Costa, one of the founding partners of the agency, explains that they determined they need to establish this due to new laws that had taken effect. They interviewed a number of attorneys to establish this program and ended up hiring Bruno Fagali because of his extensive and specialized knowledge about the legalities involved.

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Bruno Fagali was tasked with helping to create, implementing, and maintaining this Corporate Integrity Program. Once he had written the document was submitted to the Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control and was approved. The program created a set of measures that are meant to prevent any corruption at the company in order to fulfill the company’s duty to the public and government of Brazil. If corruption does occur there are measures in place to quickly catch it and minimize the damage.

At new / sb, Bruno Fagali was hired for a period of 36 months during which he can’t be fired by the company. This was put in place as another corruption safeguard as his position involves monitoring for corruption. He also created an employee ethics committee that oversees compliance with the new integrity program.

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