Gino Pozzo and The Watford Club

The entire Pozzo family is known for their suburb drive for football. The Pozzo family’s first endeavors with football was with the sport club business began with Gino’s father. He purchased the Udinese club located in the family’s hometown in Italy, 1986. He bought the club with profits from the family’s tool making business. In fact the Pozzo family has along history in craftsmanship and trades. For generations the family was involved in woodworking to electrical appliances. Most recently though, beside the wealth made in the Udinese club, is their involvement in real estate. And in 2008 the woodworking business was sold off only to devote more time into the football clubs.

When the Udinese club was purchased back in 1986 Gino was all in with making a complete commitment to the football club. Under his control the club was helped through tough financial times. And within only three seasons the club would rise form Serie B all the way to Championship League. The experienced gained at Udinese over all these years truly payed off. Now the family is putting what made Udinese great into Watford.

The Watford club was with their backs to the wall. They certainly seen better days as they were under massive debt and still struggling to to break out of Fourth Division in the 1980s. But in 2012 the Pozzo family purchased Watford. This would make the Pozzo family the only one to own 3 clubs at the same time, one in Italy, Spain and England. And within the first year with the help of the new owner, Gino began mobilizing the club. He first moved to London to get a good grasp of the club’s operations. Gino was in it for the long haul with Watfrod. Now the Watford club strives to stake its claim in the highest competition level in the U.K, the Premier League.

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