The Humanitarian Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an investor and a businessman heavily involved in various pursuits of promoting the welfare of other people all around the globe. Ara graduated with a bachelor’s degree In Marketing and has participated in cofounding of many different companies since then which has achieved him great success in the world of business. Ara is known for participation in different social factors like massive experience in the field of healthcare, business indulgence, community welfare pursuits and also environmental sustainability pursuits with him based in San Francisco. With so much experience in health industry he has participated in founding startups like pipeline RX and BMC diagnostics.

With interest in heath, Ara has written different articles emphasizing on the health status of people. In one he wrote concerning the problem of mental health problem with the startups, he emphasized that most of the employees of these startups are usually reading on the social media platform on the potential dangers that come with being overworked but this is usually ignored by their employers. Most of them being after making the companies big and not understanding the pressure they put their employees on. With Forums regarding the topic stating that companies are never concerned about their employees it was found that these companies do have a high turnover due to the fact that the employees cannot afford to be forced to work so hard. Ara states that the companies will have to alter the structure of how they work. The organizations CEOs will have to find ways of giving their employees considerations, more bargains and some commercial breaks from work for proper achievements.

Ara continues laying an emphasis on the mental health of the STEM fields because if the high stress levels are not taken care of the problem will later affect the organization which might cause loss. It is indeed a good example of fighting for the welfare of the employees that Ara indulges.


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