Matthew Fleeger Has Found Success By Using His Father’s Accomplishments As His Inspiration:

Success has always followed Matthew Fleeger everywhere he has gone through his long and storied entrepreneurial career. Perhaps his two biggest accomplishments have been the founding of his own successful company called MedSolutions in 1993 before eventually coming back to his family roots. 2007 saw him assume the leadership reins at the oil company Gulf Coast Western, an operation that was founded in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger’s father. Over his many business ventures, Matthew Fleeger has always looked to pick up new knowledge in every work experience that he has had. This has helped to mold him into a leader that is truly worthy of respect and admiration.

Matthew Fleeger attained his college education at Southern Methodist. During this time period he studied the areas of marketing and finance and upon his graduation he immersed himself into the world of business, taking his father’s accomplishments in entrepreneurship as his inspiration and motivation. He found himself involved in a number of executive positions and his ambition eventually led to the founding of MedSolutions. Matthew Fleeger would build the company up over the subsequent fourteen years, serving as its President and CEO. When he finally sold the outfit, he returned to his roots by taking over the CEO position at Gulf Coast Western.

These days, Matthew Fleeger finds himself busy as both a businessman and a father. His typical day involves spending time with his kids in the morning before they go off to school. From that point, he starts formulating his list of tasks for the day in order to help him accomplish the things that need to be done on that particular day. He feels that the constant growth and development of technology is a trend that continues to allow him to succeed further in his business development. This all seems to be paying off quite well as Gulf Coast Western has been seeing some amazing success since Matthew Fleeger took the reins of the company.

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