Malcom CasSelle – Creating the Disruptive Technology for Selling, Buying, and Trading Across Borders

The Internet has changed the world forever. The way that people purchase goods and services online is through digital currency. Digital currency is gaining traction as the medium of exchange to ensure financial transactions. Malcolm, CasSelle, creator of WAX, envisions and promotes the useful benefits of cryptocurrency as both a medium of exchange and as a business itself.

Worldwide Asset eXchange and OPSkins are two of his disruptive business creations. OPSkins is the number one Internet source for buying and selling online video game items. It is also the source for the most used blockchain activity for eCommerce. CasSelle’s education is just as impressive as his business accomplishments. He earned both an MIT and Stanford University degree in Computer Science. His business acumen also enables him to raise billions for investment causes.

WAX earns its reputation as being the most convenient way to sell, trade, and buy virtual items to anyone around the world. As it stands, hundreds of millions of people trade, buy, and sell digital items. However, those who trade are still limited by restrictions of digital ownership. Malcolm CasSelle and WAX intend to change the way business conducts itself and consumers define ownership. As such, his company will provide an entire set of tools, based on blockchain technology,to facilitate virtual trades.

This will allow anyone to trade both virtual and physical items instantaneously in a completely secure manner anywhere in the world. CasSelle was an early-stage investor in Facebook, and he currently invests in companies within the Bitcoin space. CasSelle is an excellent example of what happens when education, vision, and drive meet opportunity.

Blockchain technology is the key that can solve to many fundamental issues that deal with transactions occuring across borders. It is an innovation whose time has come. CasSelle had the right knowledge and vision at exactly the right time. This is often the case with many innovators and industry disruptors.

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