Eos lip balm beauty review

Evolution of smooth (EOS) is a commonly known lip balm that comes in a rainbow of different colors and succulent flavors. Ranging from strawberry to honey suckle you just can’t get enough. From the unique shape and adorable size, its perfect the fit for your travel size make up bag, office drawer, or in your pocket. However, what makes EOS stand above the rest is its flat bottom that helps it stand straight up. Furthermore, you won’t finding rolling around everywhere like a bowling ball. This little cutie is perfect for anyone looking for natural eco-friendly ingredients. Being 95 percent organic and 100 percent natural it stumps any other lip balm that has petroleum or parabens. With the help of shea-butter and soothing oils, its packed with vitamin E that leaves the lips feeling delicately soft. The vitamin E helps to penetrate the lower layer of chapped lips and deposits a hydrating coating to moisturize the top layer. Many of the lip balms carry SPF for instant lip protection. Perfect for any day in the sun without worrying about over exposure from ultraviolet rays. Best of all the flavoring itself doesn’t irritate or leaves a burning sensation from harsh chemicals. Perfect definition of evolution of smooth that leaves a subtle taste and revitalized lips.

Find out more about EOS Lip Balm: https://www.target.com/b/eos/-/N-t73ck

The Doctor and Automobile Leader Wrapped Up In One

If you want to get into the mind of a very successful businessman, look no further than Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. Not only does the good doctor have a prestigious degree in medicine but he also is the dominant distributor and manufacturer of cars in Brazil. He has accomplished a dream that he had held dear to him.

Having got a license from Hyundai, Dr. Carlos set up a new factory in Anápolis, which produced 78 Trucks. His main goal was to make a Brazilian car and it turned out to be a success. Dr. Carlos did a different approach to what the Koreans had done and pulled it off when it came to making the newer model Tucson. His company, the CAOA Group, has had achieved a lot thanks to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. With noting that he has rewritten history for his incredible brilliance, people are looking at the fact that Brazil has never been so big in the automotive sector. Most of the attempts in that area were complete failures. Dr. Carlos came along and changed everything. What he does maybe considered controversial but it works. His brilliance is respected by the Koreans. They claim that he gets results that are marketed and therefore delivered with much success.

To get to know Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is to understand his company. The CAOA was created in 1979. This company has factories in every sector of Brazil. Also, it owns three major brands, which are Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford. In addition to all of that, this company has its own Tucson, SUVs, XI35, and HD80 Trucks. These are manufactured at the plant in Anápolis. This company has been in business for well over 40 years and has sold 1 million vehicles in Brazil alone.

Other people have tried this and did not make it but that is not the case for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. People should be inspired that whatever dream they have, giving up is not an option. He is going to sell a more vehicles and that will keep him successful.

See Dr. Carlos’ Award here: https://www.istoedinheiro.com.br/noticias/investidores/20071212/carlos-alberto-oliveira-andrade/17108

Waiakea Water: Bottling Hawaiis Volcanic Springs

Hawaii, a chain of islands scattered across the Pacific, is known for their volcanic activity. The island chain formed due to the existence of a hotspot, and the volcanic activity has been going on continually for decades. The minerals ejected from the vents of the island’s volcanoes have been mixing with the spring, and it created a chemical reaction making the water alkaline, which is good for the body. The water is also infused with different minerals that are beneficial to humans. Entrepreneurs in the island knew about this fact, and they decided to collect the water from Hawaii’s springs, selling it as bottled water under the brand Waiakea.

The people behind Waiakea Water have noticed that people all over the world are not picky when it comes to bottled water. They will grab anything that has water in it, without reading the labels and checking where the water came from. However, they are keen on changing the norm, and they are marketing the bottled water as organic and filled with minerals from the volcanoes of Hawaii. Their marketing campaign is successful, and a lot of people became aware of the product that they are selling. Fans of the Waiakea bottled water are saying that they felt more energetic after drinking the water sold by the brand, and they are recommending it to people who need to be rehydrated all the time.

Waiakea Water is also a champion when it comes to environmental protection. The company developed an eco-friendly container, and they are urging their buyers to recycle. The company is also conducting a philanthropic activity in Africa, and they are donating a portion of their sales to Pump Aid, an NGO whose primary goal is to deliver clean water to homes in impoverished African states. Waiakea focuses their assistance to the people of Malawi, a poverty-ridden country known for Lake Malawi, but does not have any access to clean water.

Because of the philanthropic activities being promoted by Waiakea Water, many people are driven to buy their products because they knew that the sales are going through projects that help the African society.