Victoria Doramus Encourages Young Women to Invest in Their Career

Marketing entails presenting a company’s message often in a repeated transmission but without contributing to the rise in buyer brand resentment. To acquire this, the marketer should invest in strategies that attract consumers based on some values as well as principles that clients prefer. When a buyer is in a position to identify their values and preferences in a brand, they become loyal customers as well as passionate brand ambassadors. That is where Victoria Doramus comes in.

The Skilled Marketer

According to IMDB, confidence and dedication are some of the characteristics that define Victoria Doramus. Being a marketing professional, she is a woman with the ability to get her ideas across through a gentle approach. She also put in a lot of work to achieve the same objective entailing promoting the value of the brand. Moreover, she is good at ensuring that people collaborate at work. That makes her an excellent team leader since, with her input, many brands have been elevated. In her tenure in these companies, Doramus has solved conflicts regarding product presentation and share of shelf among others. Some of the companies she has worked for include Stila Cosmetics, Trendera in addition to Mindshare. She also served as Peter Borg’s assistant.

Her Experience as a Child

Even though she is now successful, Victoria Doramus has had her share of difficulties in life. At the age of 26, she was sent to a rehab center in Arizona. Even though she did not know that she was hooked to drugs, she knew for sure that her life seemed complicated and she could not cope with the daily, usual routine. After 45 days in the rehab center, she was clean. She decided to reclaim her sanity by remaining clean. As of now, she is a role model for younger girls who aspire to make the best of their lives.

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