The Lessons Learned from The Papa John’s Incident Through The Guidance of Steve Ritchie

A CEO has to understand all the nooks and corners of its organization and has to own up to the mistakes that its company has made. It’s easy to assume that CEOs are not accountable to their actions, but in reality, they are. This is exactly the case that people can observe with how Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie is apologizing for the overlooked duties that the company rendered to its customers.

In an article from, it is revealed that Papa John’s is now in the process of getting an expert auditor to help run its company culture and take a sweep at the wrong things that have been happening in the company. The previous leadership of Papa John had been quite a challenge for new Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie. But with the kind of dedication that he has in the management of Papa John’s, it’s not hard that he would be able to deal with the company’s setbacks. In fact, it is now his main strategy to clear up the bad image of Papa John’s.

According to Bloomberg, Steve Ritchie is now working hard to rebuild the image that Papa John has. Papa John’s image is a corporation with about 120,000 companies already, with franchise team members scattered all over the world. It is now working on better service and it is now in the right track in doing so under Steve Ritchie’s lead.

The recent faux pax in the management of Papa John’s also indicates that the company will make sure that something like that won’t happen again. With Steve Ritchie Papa Johns under control, a mess like that would be something one can learn from and from which the company can grow stronger. This is a big positive step to the improvement of Papa John’s.

This is also a big step towards achieving the kind of work that would define what it means to be a good CEO in a pizza store so respected by many. The new challenges in scaling up the company would still be a great addition to what Papa John’s would still experience in the future. But with the kind of accountability that Papa John’s recently showed from the incident, it’s clear that the company will still grow even more responsible.


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