Whether It Is Healthcare Or Conservation, Ara Chackerian Is Known To Have A Passion For Helping:

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who is widely known in both the world of business and philanthropy. He devotes a large amount of his work toward efforts that are community-based. He also has consistently demonstrated that he holds a deep level of interest in conservation. This has led him in recent years to place a heavy focus on a Nicaraguan teak farm that is sustainable. This farm, Limonapa Teak uses environmental methods that enrich the local environment rather than damage it. Another major venture that Ara Chackerian has been involved in as of late is his new healthcare business venture called TMS Health Solutions.


The idea behind TMS Health Solutions came into being when Ara Chackerian talked to a long time business partner about taking the experience they had gained in the field of diagnostic radiology on an outpatient type of basis and applying it in the area of psychiatry and depression treatment on an outpatient basis. Ara and his business associate were particularly interested in utilizing a new treatment device that works to treat depression by using what is called transcranial stimulation through magnets. At the heart of this business venture is the desire that Ara has to provide a care model that will help to enable patients and physicians to attain a desired outcome by using a patient first directive. You can visit his about.me page.


In terms of Ara Chackerian and his highly valuable work in the area of conservation, another project that he has been very interested in recently is in regard to a conservation fund that has been put together to purchase 17,881 forested acres of land in the state of Maine. The forest land is located in the counties of Hancock and Washington and the conservation efforts are in order to save the land for the use of the public.


Ara Chackerian has recently written about how the group known as the Maine Coastal Forest Partnership is currently working to hard conserve the many forests located across the entire state of Maine. The overall goal is to protect wildlife while also protecting the land so that it meets the needs of the residents of Maine. The Conservation Fund is now in operation in the state of Maine for thirty years.



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