Vijay Eswaran Uses his Success in Business to Mentor Prospects

When Forbes Magazine named Vijay Eswaran the most successful and influential philanthropist of the year, it was based on his input in people’s lives. This award is mostly conferred to individuals who have impacted the society in a way that most individuals have admired and perhaps benefitted from it. As successful as he seems, there is more to dig up on his background and his successful journey to entrepreneurship.

Growing up, Vijay Eswaran spent most of his time with his father who was a generous breadwinner and a dedicated disciplinarian. He was, however, expected to work hard as well. That is how he managed to attend the good schools in the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America.

Eswaran learned about the binary system business when he was still in the United Kingdom. In fact, he wanted to be better at it. Therefore, he enrolled at CIMA and earned professional qualifications. He even went to the Southern Illinois University and earned an MBA. Well, after school, Eswaran would land jobs in different companies including IBM. It was after working for that specific company that he decided to try other ventures as well. The fact that IBM could poach him was motivational enough to make him developed some passion for other explorations.

After working for those companies and venturing into multilevel marketing in one of them, he found it necessary to move back to his native land, Malaysia and start a business there. That is how he established QI Group. This company is a major conglomerate of different businesses in one unit. These units are found in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand as well as the Philippines. Moreover, the companies offer a range of services including entrepreneurship, the enhancement of urban lifestyles, education reforms, and the global expansion of businesses alongside providing tactical investments.

Currently, Vijay Eswaran is dedicated to making sure that his career helps others by giving them hope. That is why he is now a motivational speaker and an author. With these two platforms, he has been able to empower many youths. He even owns a book in which he discusses his life and the effort it took for him to accomplish the much he has accomplished. In Two Minutes from the Abyss, he explains that it is critical for entrepreneurs to serve their clients before anything else. That way, they will always be assured of making more profits.

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