Southridge Capital: A Star Company

Southridge Capital provides public companies structured finance, as well as advising. The company works tirelessly to help it’s diverse pool of clients reach their needs by giving them a vast array of innovative financial solutions.


Southridge takes great pride in itself for it’s core executive team, which has a very firm understanding of the marketplace. The organization itself has directly invested $1.8 billion into growth companies worldwide since 1996. Also, the company has financed over 250 public companies, making Southridge Capital very aware of the concerns that growing organizations face.


In terms of the advising Southridge provides, it is something they provide very thoroughly to it’s clients. The company offers Financial Analysis, which is when the organization creates highly detailed, projected financial statements which are harmonious with financial and operational speculation.


As well as advising, Southridge can provide organizations with a Balance Sheet Optimization, which is based on assisting companies keep a healthy balance of debt and equity; Balance Sheet Optimization simultaneously provides access to mechanisms that will help to bring fourth desired results.


The company also provides services for Mergers and Acquisitions procedures. The organization will provide access to merger candidates whose business models are closely related to an existing portfolio client. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Along with the plentiful services that Southridge Financial provides it’s clients, the organization is also socially responsible. The team demonstrates this by engaging in philanthropy, and even promotes volunteer work, community leadership, and giving. The team views all of this as being vital to improving and strengthening the firm, as well as important to making our communities and society more positive. In fact, Southridge Capital founder and CEO Stephen Hicks, along with his wife Mary, founded an organization which supports several charitable causes.


Southridge Financial is a private equity firm that’s based in the northeastern state of Connecticut.


The company’s Connecticut office can be reached by phone by dialing 203-431-8300.



You can visit their Twitter page.

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