US Money Reserve Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s 65th Coronation Anniversary with Three Coin Set

US Money Reserve is the official US distributor of Perth Mint’s coronation proof coin set. This beautiful three proof coin set celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s reign with a portrait of the young queen at her coronation. The proof coin set pays homage to the queen with the St. Edward’s Crown symbol on the reverse side. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

Perth Mint is a well-known Australian coin creator. US Money Reserve has collaborated with Perth Mint in the past. The mint’s most recent releases are Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday proof coin set and the 70th anniversary of the Royal Wedding Proof set.

The unique design of this gold and silver precious metal set makes them a good collector’s item. Each precious metal set is certified as museum quality proof and has a certificate of authenticity. Gold and silver coin collectors look for “First Strike” labels to ensure the highest quality.

This gold and silver proof coin set includes a 2 oz gold proof coin, ¼ oz gold proof coin and 1 oz silver proof coin. All proof coins in the set are made of 99.99 pure gold or silver. The coins are considered to be legal Australian money.

Perth Mint created only 250 coins in this limited edition for the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. US Money Reserve has been designated to distribute 203 complete coin sets for the US market.

US Money Reserve is considered America’s foremost authority on precious metals.

US Reserve handles US government issued gold and silver coins. They also provide clients with sound advice about investing in gold, silver, and platinum. Their coin research experts understand client needs and have a good reputation as an industry leader in precious metals.

This most recent acquisition to distribute this unique proof coin set isn’t the first acquisition. US Money Reserve has gained the growing trust of Perth Mint on a number of occasions to showcase their proof coin sets to American audiences. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

US Money Reserve specifically focuses in on historically significant proof coin sets. America’s fascination with all things Royal has made British proof coin sets very popular with coin collectors.

These proof coin sets, however, also have great monetary value. Precious metals are known to increase in market value over time. Gold especially has retained its value over time with the rise and fall of the market. This proof coin set is available for purchase today.

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