US Money Reserve Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s 65th Coronation Anniversary with Three Coin Set

US Money Reserve is the official US distributor of Perth Mint’s coronation proof coin set. This beautiful three proof coin set celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s reign with a portrait of the young queen at her coronation. The proof coin set pays homage to the queen with the St. Edward’s Crown symbol on the reverse side. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

Perth Mint is a well-known Australian coin creator. US Money Reserve has collaborated with Perth Mint in the past. The mint’s most recent releases are Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday proof coin set and the 70th anniversary of the Royal Wedding Proof set.

The unique design of this gold and silver precious metal set makes them a good collector’s item. Each precious metal set is certified as museum quality proof and has a certificate of authenticity. Gold and silver coin collectors look for “First Strike” labels to ensure the highest quality.

This gold and silver proof coin set includes a 2 oz gold proof coin, ¼ oz gold proof coin and 1 oz silver proof coin. All proof coins in the set are made of 99.99 pure gold or silver. The coins are considered to be legal Australian money.

Perth Mint created only 250 coins in this limited edition for the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. US Money Reserve has been designated to distribute 203 complete coin sets for the US market.

US Money Reserve is considered America’s foremost authority on precious metals.

US Reserve handles US government issued gold and silver coins. They also provide clients with sound advice about investing in gold, silver, and platinum. Their coin research experts understand client needs and have a good reputation as an industry leader in precious metals.

This most recent acquisition to distribute this unique proof coin set isn’t the first acquisition. US Money Reserve has gained the growing trust of Perth Mint on a number of occasions to showcase their proof coin sets to American audiences. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

US Money Reserve specifically focuses in on historically significant proof coin sets. America’s fascination with all things Royal has made British proof coin sets very popular with coin collectors.

These proof coin sets, however, also have great monetary value. Precious metals are known to increase in market value over time. Gold especially has retained its value over time with the rise and fall of the market. This proof coin set is available for purchase today.

Matt Badiali and His Freedom Checks Stir Investment Hopefuls to Life

Matt Badiali is a well-known investment expert. However, his latest stunt on social media and other forums has put him at the center of limelight and controversy. He recently posted a video holding a check worth over $114. The check is a temptation. Of course, like any other investment consultant, he used the check to lure the public to his investment consultancy. It was not immediately clear to the public whether the so-called Freedom Checks were true or not. So, media pundits sought to establish the origin of Bacilli’s claims. Visit at to learn more.

Statute 26-F

It emerges that the books of law have the potential to hide treasures. Statute 26-F was made by Congress way back in 1987. It was a legislation that gave certain special privileges to companies that invest in oil and gas exploration and exportation in the US. The rationale of the statute was to encourage more companies to help America become energy sufficient. Energy is regarded as one of the most important drivers of the markets and the economy. So the incentives were granted in the statute that consequently saw the establishment of Master Limited Partnership companies. These companies are required to generate 90% of their profits from oil and gas, and subsequently distribute such returns to their shareholders. It is believed that through such distribution, the economy is injected with investment capital, and, thus furthering the number of investment projects. The trickledown effect means that more people will be employed, and there will be a lesser burden on government resources including social security programs.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are for Real

According to the analysts, while the checks that matt Badiali calls Freedom Checks are not government program checks, if investors understand how they work, they can generate a lot more than such programs as 401(k). The idea is fairly simple, if one invests in any of the MLPs, there is a chance that they will receive better returns because the dividend payout includes all profits made by the company; tax-free. In other words, no taxes will have been levied on the returns by the MLP Company issuing the checks. Matt Badiali, says he calls them freedom checks because they will help many Americans get financial freedom. They pay back a lot more than many other investments in government and the private sector. It has been estimated that the 568 listed Master Limited Partnership Companies are set to pay out over $36.1 billion to their shareholders at the end of 2018. Matt Badiali may have been a bit sensationalist, but the checks exist. Check:



Clay Hutson Reflects On His Career So Far

Clay Hutson is extremely well known in the entertainment industry. He began by obtaining his bachelors at Central Michigan University, then ultimately a masters in Business Administration from University of Michigan. He has been a producer since 1999 under Getagrip Touring and worked with several famous people over the years from Kanye West to Billy Graham travel shows. These days Clay Hutson prefers to be in the music industry working for the current generation of rock and roll performers and runs his own company.


The website Blog Webpedia recently conducted an interview with Clay Hutson. The first question is regarding how he created the company. Clay responds the idea just came naturally to him. He was so involved with the music industry that it seemed like the proper thing to do. Unfortunately, starting around the late 2000s recession made for some early hurdles. However, are going are well for him these days. He often has to get up as early as 6:30am, where he has to make it to the venue before anyone else. It’s up to him to create the schedule and have everyone follow it to the letter. As of the time of this interview, he was working for Kid Rock’s concert.


When it comes to implementing ideas, past experience is very important. Knowing what goes where and proper placement can go a long way. However, every performer is different and every venue has something unique. Adjusting accordingly and keeping an open mind is part of the process. Looking ahead, Clay Hutson is always looking for ways to change the performances. Fancy light tricks and video can only go so far, but the upcoming trend of aerobatic stunts is likely to catch on across the industry. Learn more:


As time passes, Clay Hutson keeps getting new offers. He recently got a gig for working on Halsey’s tour. She’s an up and coming artist who is performing across the world in places such as Buenos Aires and Indianapolis. Along the way, other artists who be guest staring in Haley’s show. That makes it challenging and exciting from a planning perspective. Clay Hutson maintains a strong social media presence. Getting his name out there and interacting with the community is the best to ensure a steady stream of work.

Larkin and Lacey Started the Frontera Fund to Defend the Defenseless

The Frontera Fund was founded by two colleagues from the media, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The two also founded the Village Voice Media, which was responsible for their run-in with the powers that be and their being cast into the limelight.

The village voice was an alternative news instrument in the Phoenix area of Arizona. The newspaper led to their arrest by Joe Arpaio for doing what they knew best and what the media is meant to do; highlighting events of interest within the community.

The Frontera Fund is a direct product of justice that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were granted by the Arizona courts after they sued the former County Sheriff for wrongful arrest.

Larkin and Lacey were awarded a $ 3.3 million. They decided to channel the cash to the launching of an organization that would fight for the rights of immigrants and minorities in society, and in Arizona in particular.

The Border Angels

Incidents of authorities trampling on the rights of minorities are commonplace in society. Consequently, organizations such as the Frontera Fund are formed to counter the damaging repercussions of such regimes. The Border Angels is an organization that was started with objectives that are similar to those of the Frontera Fund. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: and

Border Angels was started by Enrique Morones. Its primary focus is the issue of migrant rights. The organization is based in San Diego. It also seeks to prevent immigrant deaths that can be avoided along the border. Border Angels was started in 1986.

Desert Outreach

Border Angels is also active in community social development. It has created awareness programs that seek to enlighten immigrants and other minorities on their rights as provided for in the American constitution. Border Angels also travel to remote places where immigrants cross the border.

They place water-cans along the routes where the immigrants pass. The staff at the organization are also afforded visits to the border between the US and Mexico so that they learn some history of that border and the policy that governs it.

The organization has a range of outreach activities including the Day Labour Outreach program. They also provide free legal support to the immigrants. The central objective of the border Angels is to restore truth, justice, and freedom for immigrants. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

In 2014, Border Angels were proactively involved in solving the immigrant crisis that involved unaccompanied children moving from Central America and trying to find their way into the USA. In that crisis, the organization managed to extend warmth and love to the children by buying them toys, food, and clothes.

The officials of the organization also offered a counter strategy to the demonstrators that were protesting against the entrance of the immigrants who were seeking documentation to stay on in the US.

American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union is yet another organization that offers services to the minorities. It was formed way back in 1959. It is, perhaps one of the oldest such organizations in the US. Arizona has been notorious with immigrants.

The American Civil Liberties in Arizona has successfully rebutted the efforts to change laws that targeted immigrants and other minorities. One of the landmark cases was the 1960 quashing of a law that had banned interracial marriages. Thus, Lakin and Lacey are not alone in the fight against impunity, and in defending the rights of immigrants and minorities.

Tony Petrello Seizes On Shale, Takes Nabors Industries To The Next Level

Since joining Nabors Industries in 1991, Tony Petrello has proven to be the most successful executive in the company’s history. Early on, Petrello decided to refocus the company’s efforts on more high-tech areas. This culminated in the eventual development of some of the most complex and high-tech drilling equipment that the industry had ever seen. Eventually, Petrello’s big bet on technology would pay off when the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota became one of the largest oil plays in the history of the United States.

When Tony Petrello first came on board with Nabors Industries, the company was in tatters. The once-great company had been mismanaged for more than two decades, leaving it in a state of almost total insolvency. As one of the top tax attorneys with leading law firm Baker McKenzie, Petrello was charged with working out a solution that would allow it to continue on as a going concern and become profitable again. At that time, the Nabors Industries executives were looking for somebody who could lead the company into the future. The young Petrello appeared to be someone who may be able to do the job.

Read more: Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes

The executive team eventually hired Petrello as a junior-level executive. But throughout the 90s, he was able to work his way up the ranks, eventually becoming the chief operating officer of the firm. It was during this time that Petrello decided to invest heavily in the development of new directional drilling equipment that heavily relied on both automation and algorithm optimization in order to efficiently and effectively extract the hard-oil reserves that were stuck in America’s shale formations.

This effort eventually led to the development of both the ROCKIT performance drilling software and the Modular Offshore Dynamic Series, two of the most advanced drilling technologies that have ever been produced. As the first entrant into the directional drilling space in North America, Petrello gave Nabors Industries a head start that the company has never relinquished. Today, Nabors Industries is the single largest supplier of directional drilling equipment in the world. And it has been the dominant provider of all directional drilling equipment in the extraction of North American shale resources for the better part of two decades.

All of this activity has driven the book value of the firm from $1 million all the way to $17 billion. At the same time, Nabors Industries has become the single largest lessor of directional drilling equipment and land-based oil plays anywhere in the world.

Search more about Tony Petrello: