Clay Hutson Tells All in BroTalk Q&A

Clay Hutson shared with BroTalk’s Q&A segment his motivations, strategies, and success story in the Music Industry. Hutson enrolled in theater design courses before starting his career as a sound engineer and eventually project management work too. Hutson began his entrepreneurial path by establishing his own music business servicing musicians and event organizers to manage, produce, and design concerts.


Clayton Hutson’s personal website showcases the services his company provides, including the following: production design and management, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics and stage management, and rigging.


Hutson shares with BroTalk that having developed a wide array of skills within the music industry, he took the opportunity during the recession to start his own firm. Hutson turns his ideas into reality through focusing on the dimensions and size of the visual concepts that go along with music sets. With the help of technology, he is able to continually develop innovate set design and illumination concepts.


Hutson has been able to establish and retain customers through his dedication and professional. He is detail-oriented and goes beyond the 9-5 mentality to get the job done. He has developed the habits of preparing, organizing, and triple-checking to drive the success of his business. Learn more:


The rapid advancement of technology is what excites Hutson about the music industry the most. As new generations of technology get smaller, lighter, and mobile, the opportunities of innovative music shows continue across the industry. Though video screens on walls have the ability to be brighter and clearer, the music artists Hutson works with also bring their own creative concepts to each partnership for a platform of collaboration.


Clay Hutson is the first person to arrive at the venue and the last one to leave. He gets the layout of the venue and reviews the itinerary and tasks before the the prepping gets started. Hutson continues to share and give advice, including to prioritize family above all other things. To remain motivated, Hutson has jotted down a handful of his favorite quotes and rereads them. Lastly, Hutson recommends the book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff. This book lessened Hutson’s stress by teaching how to only focus on the details that matter.


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Jose Hawilla: Finding Fortune in the Sports Marketing Industry

The Traffic Group is one of the largest sports marketing conglomerate in the world today. The company mainly operates in Brazil, but they managed to acquire smaller broadcasting firms from North America to Europe. The founder of the company, Jose Hawilla, has expressed his dream for the company to become a distinguished global sports marketer.



As a child, Jose Hawilla really wanted to become an athlete. He is fascinated every time he watches a sports event on the television, and he expressed his willingness to become an athlete to his parents. They objected to his plans, and advised him to continue his studies instead because it is more important. After he finished studying, Jose Hawilla looked for a job that matches his interest. He became a sports broadcaster in his younger years, and he revealed that the reason why he chose to become one is because he never achieved his dream of being an athlete. For Jose Hawilla, it is the nearest thing on being an athlete, and whenever he is broadcasting, he felt like he have achieved his dream. Check out




In 1980, an opportunity for Hawilla to build a company came. He named his company as the Traffic Group, and his business focused entirely on sports marketing. He would promote local and international sporting events, inviting spectators from around the world to watch the event live. When an event is held in Brazil, Jose Hawilla is making sure that he exerts more effort and he formulates his own marketing strategy on how to invite more people to watch the event. Most of the time, the Brazilian government is teaming with Jose Hawilla to promote the games held within Brazil.




During the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, Jose Hawilla’s company participated in the marketing efforts. He is responsible for spreading the information about the games, and marketed it extensively across the globe. Because of his hard work, many people have come to Brazil to experience its culture and to watch the sports event. Jose Hawilla stated that his company would continue to invest in he sports marketing industry because of its endless potential.


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