A Vision Becomes A Reality At The Academy Of Art University

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative business ventures in the world today. Designers anxiously await the moment when their product can be displayed on the most famous runways in the world. New York Fashion week is that platform. Sponsored by the Academy of Art University, the twenty first showcase was held in September, 2017 at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Many new artists and graduates of the University were invited to show their designs. This was of the utmost importance for these new designers as it would be the spark to ignite the fire that would jump start their future in fashion designing. They were also excited that the show could be seen by their family and friends because it was streamed live.


The Academy of Art University invited ten of their recent graduates to participate in the NYFW showcase. These were students who had received either their BFA or MFA from the University. They each brought a uniqueness and broad creativity to the fore front in fashion. These new designers were from very diverse backgrounds. From China to Maine, and many far away destinations in between. They offered fashions in women’s wear and menswear. Their designs went far beyond the imagination, and exceeded the expectations of the viewers and judges. The Academy of Art University provides the world with the best and most creative designers from around the world.


The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 in San Francisco, California. It is one of the largest institutes that prepares students for careers in arts and design. Still located in San Francisco, the school provides classes and degrees in liberal arts, fine arts, entertainment and design. They have offered an innovative online arts program since 2002. They have many award nominees and recipients among their illustrious alumni. The University is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, which is a non profit organization for interior design programs. The school has under graduate and graduate degrees. They have been a positive, and stable part of the community, and have grown along with the city of San Francisco.


Madison Street Capital Provide an Extensive Range of Business Expertise

Madison Street Capital (MSC) has a strong reputation for providing expert financial advice to companies on a global basis. Their business experts have a tremendous range of experience and the areas where they provide financial help is truly diverse.

They are adept at helping businesses obtain access to credit for expansion and for normal operations as well. Investment decisions are another area where MSC can provide sage advice as well as the ability to bring about satisfactory results with complex financial transactions.

Company valuation and merger consulting services are also some of the core functions at MSC. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.manta.com/c/mb4hqdt/madison-street-capital-advisors-llc

One example of MSC’s ability to obtain credit for one of their clients is the financing that they arranged for Maintenance Systems Management. The President of Maintenance Systems was impressed at the speed that Madison Street Capital displayed in meeting their financial needs. He was also grateful for additional financial advice that they received as well.

Assisting with mergers is another specialty that Madison Street Captial can provide in a timely fashion which helps companies implement expansion plans more quickly when they are in acquisition mode.

The ability that Madison Street has to analyze and develop synergistic plans is well documented by their project that brought together DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. The sophisticated analysis that accompanies such ventures is something that Madison Street is adept at and regularly accomplishes.

An example of the type of talent that Madison Street attracts to their ranks is their co-founder, Anthony Marsala. He received a 40 under forty award which highlights relatively young business leaders who help accomplish complex financial transactions such as high-stakes mergers and other transactions. He is the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Street Capital and has 14 years of experience. Read more: About Madison Street Capital and Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

Madison Street Capital was the honoree when they received a prestigious award for one of their restructuring transactions in 2016 called the Turnaround Award. They successfully competed with over 300 other firms to secure the award which was in the category of successful turnarounds under 25 million dollars.

The team of professionals that Madison Street Capital employs help make them one of the premier middle-market investment banking firms. They are one of the industry’s leading providers of corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions services. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and also has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia.

Madison Capital is always very cognizant of the time sensitivity that is often involved in corporate finance and they have the resources to swiftly analyze and implement sound business decisions to help companies compete more effectively.

Their expertise is best revealed when they structure deals that make sense for both parties to mutually benefit. Owners and investors alike find great value in the services that Madison Street Capital provides on a consistent basis.

Lori Senecal, A Global Marketing Leader to Watch

What inspires you in life? For Lori Senecal, it is her experiences at a young age where she grew up seeing her older siblings succeed. This made her believe and even pursue some of the most ambitious goals in her life. The achievements she has had are testimony that that motivation is still alive despite her age.

Lori studied sales and marketing in university. She had a talent for marketing and anything she turned bowed to her wishes. She sort to polish the performance of every institution or business that she passed through. However, her approach is by motivating employees to become the best each of them can.

According to GCReport, as the current Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, she is trailed by tales of success whenever she took on to a company. Among those she has transformed are Xbox, Nestle, Staples and Applebee, among others. Her achievements are mind boggling when put against her stature. It is almost impossible to imagine that a single person can turn around so many companies within a record short time. Her ability to take the least time to turn around companies saw her receive the Most Creative Person in Business award for 2017.

According to Lori Senecal, the way to turnaround a nonperforming business or organization is by creating a culture of positive change. She has an eye for innovation in organizations and a lesson for brands that do not see space for new products. She advocates for partnerships in order to create a seamless business and organizational environment.

Lori Senecal is the current global CEO for CP&B. The company has operations around the world and she is tasked with ensuring that the brand achieves a unified global business agenda. She is a certified innovator who will not let go until whatever she is doing succeeds. As a motivational speaker, she has personal lessons on success to share.

See more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorisenecal


Emulating the Philanthropic Activities of Dick Devos

Born on October 21, 1955, in Grand Rapids, Michigan United States of America, Dick Devos is a great entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Dick Devos has a long track history of business, philanthropy, and politics.


Dick Devos’ Early Life


Dick Devos acquired his basic education from the Forest Hills Public school. He then went on to join Northwood University and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


More about Dick Devos


Dick Devos’ career in business began in 1974 when he joined Amway. Throughout the years, Dick has worked tirelessly to grow the firm in the various positions he served in. It was in 1993 that he became the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Dick has at some point in his career also been in charge of the Orlando Magic Basketball team.




Dick and his wife Betsy Devos, run a foundation in Michigan that supports and funds numerous artistic, religious and even educational organizations. Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and Helen Devos Children’s Hospital are some of the beneficiaries. Moreover, in 2010, the foundation put up the Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a unique public charter school and the first of its kind in America.


Philanthropy Roundtable recently interviewed Betsy Devos, the current education secretary of the United States of America and co-founder of the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation. The discussion was based on education of the nation the foundation’s great works to help people. Betsy explained undoubtedly that the number of students in educational programs was increasing every other day. She continues to say that the reason behind the starting of her family foundation was to help children from low-income families get access to quality education. True to this, the foundation has helped many. Betsy’s wish is to grant children the ability to study anywhere across America.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/ to learn more.

Actualizing Your Architecture Dream With The American Institute Of Architects

A people united can never be defeated. Professionals in their various fields have embraced this saying and set up professional bodies with the sole purpose of safeguarding their interests. They act as professional organizations that bring together like-minded professionals. In this quest, architects have not been left behind and the American Institute of Architects stands firm to represent them wholly in their profession.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional body for architects in America. It is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1857 by a group of 13 architects with the aim of developing the architectural profession and fostering practical and scientific capabilities of its members. The institution has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. under the able leadership of the CEO Robert Ivy and Thomas V. Vonier, the President. Besides, it is under the governorship of a strong Board of Directors and has an employee base of over 200 workers.

Over time, AIA has worked to support the architecture profession by providing government backing, education, public outreach, and community revitalization. In turn, its efforts have tremendously improved its public figure. Moreover, it has gone an extra mile to partner with other design and construction teams in an effort to bring together the building fraternity.

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To date, AIA has a massive following in the country. More than 90,000 licensed architects and other related professionals in America are members of the organization. Moreover, they are a highly disciplined lot who operate under a code of ethics and recommended professional conduct to win the trust of clients, other colleagues, and the public. Besides, it gives special consideration to architecture students by associating them with local and state chapters through student membership.

AIA is the voice of architects. Through the organization, these professionals are able to impact the government practices affecting them and the quality of life in America. Moreover, it plays the role of a watchdog on legislative and regulatory actions and exercises its members’ collective power to engage in decision making. Also, it has community programs aimed at serving the public by designing, developing, and protecting national structures and housing for all citizens.

In line with the profession, AIA runs an honors and awards program for its members. It recognizes both individuals and organizations whose achievements and efforts are outstanding. Hence, if you seek to be an architectural champion, look no further. AIA is an all-around organization for architects seeking excellence and meticulous achievements through this profession.

Learn more about Robert Ivy: https://www.aia.org/leadership

Background and Accomplishments of Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an accomplished mathematician who is well-known for his focused studies on probability. Lacey attended the University of Texas in Austin where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1981.

He continued his education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Lacey studied under Walter Philipp and earned his Ph.D. after submitting a thesis on probability, specifically related to vector analysis. His academic success led him to establish a career quickly after graduating. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

The first position held by Michael Lacey was as an assistant professor at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He held this position for one year before he transferred to an assistant professor position at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Lacey would also only remain at UNC for one year before accepting another position at Indiana University in 1989. While at UNC, Michael and Lacey and Walter Philipp worked together to prove a probability theory that has been all but confirmed.

Michael Lacey now works as a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech. He first began at Georgia Tech as an associate professor in 1996 after leaving Indiana University. After five years on staff, Michael Lacey was given a promotion to full professorship in 2001. He currently specializes in teaching linear algebra to students who attend Georgia Tech.

Michael Lacey has conducted much research over the course of his career and has been given numerous accolades. He became a postdoctoral fellow with the National Science Foundation in 1996 during the last year of his tenure at Indiana University.

Lacey received a Salem Prize in 1997 for collaborative research he performed with Christoph Thiele. In 1998, Michael Lacey gave an address to the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin, Germany that meets every four years.

Further work done in cooperation with mathematician Xiaochun Li earned Michael Lacey a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004. He also has received an award from Georgia Tech and the National Science Foundation for his mentoring skills.

Most recently, Lacey became a Simons Fellow during 2012 and an American Mathematical Society Fellow in 2013. As further evidence of his accomplishment, Michael Lacey currently has over 100 research publications to his name.

Robert Ivy, English Major Making Architecture Important

Since 2011, Robert Ivy has been the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA is a prestigious association, consisting of some 90,000 architectural and design professionals. In his position, Robert contributes valuable insight to network by speaking out about issues and concerns that affect architects, through public outreach and community involvement.

Robert Ivy in his AIA leadership role addresses initiatives and actions that are of primary importance to the network and its 250 chapters. For example, he serves on the Clinton Foundation; because he wanted to be apart of building an American society that involves architectural input. As for his part in the foundation, Ivy said that AIA is committed for long term in helping to improve public health. Architects role in this is community planning and assisting with funding research grants.

The efforts of Robert Ivy with AIA is to maintain a public identity that’s demonstrates the positive impact of architects in society. Robert feels that it’s paramount for AIA to be involved in community initiatives. These initiatives help to advance the relevancy of architects in our daily lives. Because every public building and private residential structure has some element of architectural planning and design. AIA wants to highlight that relevancy through responsive initiatives, which address the role of architects in the social and economic structure. So that the profession isn’t just viewed as providing creative input only.

As an accomplished keynote speaker, Robert Ivy is often provides social commentary and dialogue about the contributions of architects to the larger world and the value of design and planning. In addition to his many speaking engagements, Robert is a published author. His book entitled, “Fay Jones: Architect,” received a citation of merit for providing an elevated standard in “scholarship, design and production.” Robert Ivy won the 2009 G.D. Crain Award, which recognizes a lifetime achievement in the category of editorial and business media excellence.

Robert Ivy has also made ongoing contributions as a guest blogger for various online media outlets. His blog post, “The Decade of Design: The Global Urban Solutions Challenge” is a noteworthy read. It stands to reason that Robert Ivy is a great writer given his educational background. He graduated cum laude; earning a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South. And he studied at Tulane University, where he earned his Master of Architecture.