Arthur Becker, the Tech Mogul, Invests in Property Development through Madison Partners LLC

Arthur Becker is prominently known as a tech mogul. The chief executive officer of Zinio, a company that specializes in the online distribution of magazines, has made a name for himself in the industry of technology. As an investor in biotechnology, Arthur Becker has initiated information technology businesses through his vast experience. Before landing the executive role at Zinio, he was a lead executive at NaviSite. This is a company that provides a software application for hosting programs for enterprises in the United States of America.


Arthur Becker was in charge of the NaviSite for approximately eight years from 2002. Becker played various roles in the company. He was the company director between 2002 when he was appointed and 2003. He was then elevated to chief executive officer. Before working at NaviSite, Becker was an investment manager at Madison in 1999. Madison capitalized in telecommunications as well as technology. After his services at Madison, he assisted in founding Atlantic. He was the company director.

Vera Wang

After his achievements in the technological industry, he diverted his attention to fashion and design. Arthur landed a lead executive position at Vera Wang. He was the senior adviser. He served the company for seven years and made news when he became the sole private investor of the brand. In his interview with INSPIRE RY, Arthur Becker was asked how his investment journey began and the duration it has taken him to reap profits. He stated that his business ideas were put in place in February 2003 when he started working for NaviSite. He then shifted to Madison in 2011. At Madison Partners LLC, he deals with real estate, property development, and acquisition department. Becker explained that this is his current focus and that he draws inspiration from Vera Wang.


In an interview with Curbed, Arthur Becker highlights that his passion for entrepreneurship began at an early age when he worked for Parks Department in a small town. In that era, kids his age were tasked with challenging responsibilities at work. From rock filled roadsides to mowing steep at $ 1.60 in an hour, Arthur was motivated to work hard at developing a career. He worked relentlessly to secure exciting and comforting careers. Arthur is a perfect role model for prospective entrepreneurs in the society.

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