E-cigarettes Can Damage Gum Tissues (A research published by Ontarget)

Oncotarget is a worldwide associate evaluated diary, which concentrates on the obsessive premise of all cancer illnesses, treatment potential target and conventions of treatment which are trailed by the change of patients with cancer.

Research released by Ontarget concludes that electronic cigarettes damage the gum and teeth like regular cigarettes. The analysis conducted by scientists from the University of Rochester Medical Center, U.S was analyzing the effects of e-cigarettes on both cellular and molecular levels. The scientist on bioxbio.com discovered e-cigarettes release vapors that emit inflammatory proteins and causes stress within the cells. Imposing pressure on gums damages the cells, causing oral diseases that develop regarding how the user smokes the e-cigarettes. According to Fawad Javed, a co-author of the study on msubmit.net, a substance called nicotine, which causes oral diseases is contained in e-cigarettes.

The team verified the results after exposure of epithelial cells from gum tissues to e-cigarette tissues. No study has established the long-term effects of smoking e-cigarettes. But, Dr. Mahmoud Rouabhia who led the research stated that there is increased chances of inflammation and infection by the gum diseases once the defensive block of the mouth is damaged. There could be chances that a prolonged smoking of e-cigarettes can cause cancer. However, the scientist are still working on proving this statement on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

Oncotarget focuses on the impact of cancer management programs, emerging therapeutic agents and conventions based on the patient’s point of view such as satisfaction, quality life, and adherence. Oncotarget uncovers new and existing treatments that are evident in regards to the change of results. Also, the journal tries to characterize their use concerning take-up and acknowledgment by cancer patients and the healthcare providers.

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