Julie Zuckerberg’s Prolific Career

The executive recruiter Julie Zuckerberg is a determined to make name for herself in the industry. Her main goal is to specialize in talent acquisition and management in the larger New York area. Since 2004 she has served the Deutsche Bank as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead.



Her powerful position enables to have an opportunity to be part of the business leaders who shape the recruitment strategies and assists in guiding the processes improvements. Often she has been requested to develop and negotiate offers of Managing Directors level, apart from recruitment activities she also offers coaching to her team of recruiters, and executive committees and counsel leadership. Apart from managing company business relationships, she has also looked after contract governance when she was serving as an Executive Recruiter within Talent Acquisition.



Zuckerberg has had a prolific career, a career with over 15 years of talent acquisition experience. Before she had taken her current role at Deutsche Bank, she served as Corporate Vice President’s at the New York-based Life Insurance Company, she was also the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead.



Prior to joining New York Life, she worked at Citi. While at Citi, she served as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter. At Citi, she worked at this position for over 6 years. Her responsibilities included negotiating high-level complex job offers, sourcing talent globally, and providing advice on the recruitment strategies amongst others.



Five years prior joining Citi she served as Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. Zuckerberg recruited attorneys, paralegals, case managers and support staff for temporary and temporary waiting for hire positions for several organizations, legal firms, and financial institutions. The success in her career of talent acquisition is a result of hard work, firm educational foundation, and solid work ethics.



Her excellent education background has propelled Zuckerberg to the place where she is. She studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she attended. She, however, changed her course after attending the New York Law School, later she landed in the field of talent acquisition.



Through the experience she has acquired over the years has enabled her to become more valuable as an Executive Recruiter. Often experience is called the best teacher. Over the year Zuckerberg has had an opportunity of working number of a highly recognized mentor who is rich in wisdom and knowledge and has helped her widen her skills sets. Currently, she well experienced in talent acquisition and management, human resources, team management, resolution of conflict training among employees, sourcing and coaching. She takes a keen interest in the various ways in which technology improvement can be utilized to optimize the industry efficiency.



Apart from her work, she doesn’t waste any opportunity to get involved in the New York City’s vibrant cultural scene. She is also a determined human rights, animal welfare and economic inclusions & empowerment advocate.

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