Doe Deere Believes In Success Through Positive Reinforcement

Doe designed her cosmetic line so that it covers more imperfections than just the face and body. Her makeup helps to rebuild self esteem and allows a small truckload of room for self expression and personal freedom. Lime Crime is not a makeup that is designed to make you look best in the eyes of others, it is more a cosmetic line that is a state of mind. You can and should use it to express how you feel at the moment you put it on. There are many things that make Doe Deere and Lime Crime stand apart from others, however, this thought process is certainly one of them.

Doe Deere feels that it is more important to inspire and lead by positive actions and not rule with an iron fisted attitude of saying do it my way. This business philosophy shows in her makeup company and her personal life too. Perhaps that is what makes Lime Crime such a lively and vibrant company. Their products stand up and shout here is your alternative to the standard nine to five makeup that your great grand mom wore. The colors are bold and made from animal friendly and vegan approved ingredients. This is great news for everyone, not just Vegans and animal lovers.

It is important to keep in mind that Doe Deere started Lime Crime with an idea and a few hundred dollars. She knew that her idea would work because people have been asking makeup companies for more options for years and those makeup companies just ignored these requests. Her line carries lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and much more. As an avid supporter of businesses owned by women, Doe often talks about finding your own voice to people who believe in entrepreneurship. Doe loves to inspire others to stand up and get counted. Doe feels that once you get inspired you should take action as quickly as you can. By acting decisively and swiftly you are able to ride that wind of inspiration to success. That is the same method that Doe herself follows with Lime Crime.

It does not matter which Lime Crime product line you look at, if you look close enough you will see that everything Doe talks about is put into action and has resulted in a Lime Crime product. People love the idea and they love the products that Lime Crime create. All you have to do is search any number of social media sites and you will soon see that countless amounts of people are talking about Lime Crime in a positive light.

Doe Deere tells people who want to start their own business to simply find their voice and go for it.  This process worked for Doe Deere and Lime Crime and it can work for you too.

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