Cotillard’s Public Shaming Shows Importance Of Wikipedia Page Updates

News of the Brangelina split shocked everyone, including the couple’s good friend George Clooney. A CNN reporter caught the famous leading man walking into an event when the reporter asked him how he felt about the power couple’s split. Clooney look genuinely surprised and said that was the first he’d heard of it, remarking that he was sad to hear it and he thought about their kids.

News spreads much more quickly and viciously on the internet. Rumors began to spread that Brad Pitt was using hard drugs and hanging out with Russian hookers on the set of his new movie, Allied, co-starring Marion Cotillard. Rumors also began to spread that Cotillard was the reason that the world famous couple broke up. Apparently, Cotillard and Pitt were spending a lot of time together on set.

Of course, they took to twitter to spread memes about Ms Marion, viciously tearing her image apart. Facebook posts weren’t kind either, with people weighing in on the idea that Cotillard was out of line and that she was a homewrecker.

But the real damage was done by false Wikipedia editors. Everybody knows that social media rants are people’s opinions, but the world takes Wikipedia seriously. People use the website as a resource for newspaper articles and scholarly essays. The idea is that Wikipedia is correct because so many users chime in on one given subject. In the aggregate, the site should have the correct information on any given subject.

So when trolls broke into Cotillard’s Wiki page, they changed the world’s perception of her. Team Brangelina changed some of the vital information just under the picture of the celebrity on the right of the page. Under occupation, the first Wikipedia revisions listed her as the reason the power couple broke up. After that was corrected, another edit was made. This time is simply read “cheater”.

You cannot edit a Wikipedia page that belongs to yourself, however, but you can hire Wikipedia writers to do it for you. In fact, you can hire Wikipedia experts that will watch over your Wikipedia page and make sure it reads how you want it. You do not want to be at the whim of internet trolls.

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  1. The internet trolls were not kind and it seemed that most of them were on team Brangelina. These Wiki edits made worldwide news and that goes to show you the power of Wikipedia, especially if you are trying to control your image. There has to be a way for these australian essay writers to transmit the essays into a Wikipedia wiki.

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